How To Find a Free Fleece Hat Pattern: Hat Styles

Sew Stylish Men's and Women's Winter Hats

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Every woman, man or child should have a pattern or two in mind when deciding on the right hat project for winter's gusty chills. Here's how to find a free fleece hat pattern.

When choosing a durable textile to keep the frost at bay, fleece should be considered. It is cozy, comforting and completes any cold weather wardrobe. The cost of material can sometimes be expensive, but patterns are affordable, if not free.

There are many ways to find patterns for your design. Free hat patterns can easily be accessible through Internet access and the friendly search engine. When doing the search, fleece can be named microfleece or micrafleece. It is a synthetic wool fabric and can also be called polar fleece. Most people use it as an inexpensive alternative to wool that is less tedious to take care of. It is a very forgiving fabric. Fleece hats are used in different Nordic cultures for tourists who cannot afford or would prefer not to wear the look of luxurious wool. has a section titled "Fleece Projects: Clothes and Accessories", which showcases websites and their links supplying information on hats, scarves and berets. Be specific on the particular hat styles needed when searching. Free patterns will emerge with styles ranging from funkier ones like gesture hats to baby bonnets and men's winter hats. There is also a link for Head Huggers, which are hats made to comfort a patient who may be going through chemotherapy. All of these styles can be made from fleece and reclaimed fleece scraps. has a pattern that can be altered to fit your style and taste. A website titled Sewing Stuff has links to handmade head wear. There are an abundant amount of "charity" sites for those looking for free on-line hat designs and patterns.

If traveling outside for patterns, look into local hobby stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics. It is possible to acquire free patterns from classes that may be offered through such stores. Hancock Fabrics may also have associates that can aid in the search. Fashion design schools have the latest information on trendy and classic patterns for men's and women's winter hats as well. Students and teachers have abundant sources of information on all materials including fleece. Browse your local thrift store or The Salvation Army for patterns that have been donated. When purchasing that Singer, check with the company to see if they have free patterns with purchase. If all else fails, and the patterns found are not to your liking, dig in grandmother's drawers. Her patterns are plenty and priceless. Making fleece hats is an easy project for the whole family to enjoy.

Now that you've found your  design, get started on your fleece hat sewing patterns!


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