How To Find Gowns Worn by Jennifer Lopez

Wearing satin gown

The red carpet is ready, the photographers are in place, security is in position and fans wait in anticipation...and here she comes, it's Jennifer Lopez!  She's gracefully sashaying down the red carpet looking ever so elegant - she is stunning.  Everything is hitting exactly where it should. Her hair is tight and her accessories are right.  Watching in awe, we say "I want a gown like that!" However, the dream is quickly dismissed because we don't think we can afford anything that Jennifer Lopez wears.

Truth be told, we may not be able to afford the exact ensemble Ms. Lopez is wearing, but we can recreate many of the styles she has graced us with over the years by taking these few simple steps.

  • Get to know her style.  Study her pictures to get a feel for her signature looks. Her gowns have a few things in common; they fit to form her body and show off her beautiful curves, they have low neck lines, and are open in the back.
  • Find out who her favorite designers are.  Jennifer Lopez has worn styles by Valentino, Cavalli, Gucci and Narciso Rodriguez, just to name a few.
  • Start shopping around.  Jennifer sometime donates gowns to auctions that help support charities.  If you are fortunate enough to attend one of these auctions, you can buy an actual gown worn by Jennifer Lopez and support a cause at the same time.  These dresses usually sell for around $3,000.

If that price is too high for your budget, don't be discouraged; many designers sell fashions influenced by Jennifer's style.  A few websites to get you started are, where gowns range from $100 - $1,000,, where prices average $250 - $600, and, where dresses start at an unbelievable $10!  Don't forget to look into Jennifer Lopez's own fashion lines, JLO and Sweetface. Get creative and shop thrift stores for retired prom dresses and evening gowns.  If you have a creative eye and can sew, reconstruct the dresses you find and design your own J.Lo inspiration.

Also, remember that the accessories can make or break an outfit; choose carefully when adding them.  Think rich and glamorous, and accentuate with diamonds and pearls - no costume jewelry allowed!

Have fun creating your own Jennifer Lopez-inspired look and wear it proudly. There may not be a red carpet, photographers, security or fans, but one thing is certain: everyone who sees you will be thinking, "I want a gown like that!"


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