How To Find Halle Berry's Oscar Dress

It is said that the clothes we wear reflects our personality. Similarly, Halle Berry's very elegant Oscar Dress reflects her perfect taste in designer gowns. Halle Berry is well-known for her acting ability and her million dollar smile. Her dresses are not trendy, but with clean and simple designs. An unknown designer who became one of the most sought after designers after the Academy Awards night designed her Oscar dress. Let's find out the looks of Halle Berry's Oscar dress.

  • Halle Berry's Oscar dress was one that suited her looks and personality. Casual and classic is the type of Halle's dresses.
  • Her Oscar dress became iconic after the Academy Awards in 2002 when she won the Best Actress award. It was an elegant and fashionable burgundy gown.
  • The gold dress she wore during the 2003 Oscars was by the same designer.

Halle Berry's Oscar dress can be found at her designer's shop, Elie Saab. Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer, virtually unknown back then until Halle Berry wore his design in the 2002 Oscar Awards. This year, high profile actresses Angelina Jolie and Evan Rachel Wood wore Saab's design for the Oscars.

For the 77th Academy Awards in 2005, Halle Berry wore a one-shouldered gown from Versace. For this year's Oscar, Halle Berry chose to wear a gown by British label Marchesa. She presented the Best Actress Award in black and gold with a fishtail hem. Showing off her incredible figure, Halle Berry wore the mermaid silhouette well.

All the gowns and dresses used by Halle Berry at any Oscar awards night were perfectly fitted to her sculpted body. She is known to set the red carpet on fire on her every appearance in the Oscars because of her effortless looks in any dress she's wearing plus her oozing sex appeal.

Casual and classic are the individuality of Halle's style. She knows what style best suits her personality although she is trendy. She said her dresses make her feel good.

Halle Berry's other Oscar dresses are designed by other top designers. To find one, go to the website of these top designers. Although she is a very good actress and a beauty titlest, her Oscar winning in 2002 gave way to her inspired career. Her classy outfit makes her shine on the red carpets of any event where other famous stars and personalities are present.

Halle Berry's Oscar dresses are not limited to the dress or gown she wore during the awards night in 2002 when she won the Best Actress Awards. She was also at the Oscars almost every year to act as presenter or just an audience. In every occasion she wore her stunning outfit and dazzled everyone with her appearance. Every designer has the chance to have his creation worn by Halle. Finding her Oscar dresses gives one the opportunity to research on her styles, her whims, her personality, her biography, and her designers.


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