How To Find Temporary Tattoo Party Favors

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One of the things that kids look forward to in children’s parties is the loot bag or the party favor. You can fill the loot bag with different items that children will enjoy, such as small toys, chocolates, candies, accessories and even temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos are becoming more and more popular among kids and even some adults. This gives them a chance to have a tattoo without going through the painful process. The temporary tattoo can easily be applied and removed.

Here are some websites where you can find temporary tattoos for party favors:

  1. – Parties 4 Kids is a website that specializes in selling products that are used for children’s parties. You can choose the items by theme or you can also browse their products one by one. The different categories on the website include party favors, party invitations, piñatas, partyware and more. One of the products that they sell is fake tattoos for kids. The tattoos have different images, such as Finding Nemo, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Barbie, Disney Princess and more.
  2. – This website provides different materials that are used for parties and other special events. You can purchase party favors, pens, masks, tiaras, stencils and lots more. The temporary tattoos from this website can be used for different occasions. There are armband tattoos, Princess tattoos, Sesame Street tattoos, Shrek tattoos, Christmas tattoos and more.
  3. – Tribal Ink Products is a website that specializes in selling airbrush tattoo kits. These kits are safe for children to use. The airbrush tattoo kits include stencils, tattoo designs, airbrush solutions, airbrush paints and other temporary body are items. There are also a lot of other products from the website, such as airbrush tanning supplies, skin care products, temporary tattoo gift sets and airbrush tattoo paints.
  4. – Birthday in a box is a website that offers a lot of items that you can use for birthday parties and other events. They have a wide selection of party favors and decorations that you can choose from. The temporary tattoos that are available from the website are Hannah Montana tattoos, bracelet tattoos that you can also use for your arm sleeves, Camp Rock tattoos, Dora the Explorer tattoos and a lot more.
  5. – This online party goods store has a lot of products to suit different occasions. They have items for baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, bridal showers, Christmas and lots more. One of their best selling items is the temporary tattoo. The popular designs for their temporary tattoos are characters from the Pixar movie, Cars.

These are some of the online stores where you can find temporary tattoos for children. Another replacement for a temporary tattoo is body paint. You can hire an artist to paint images on the children’s bodies while the party is going on. In making your loot bag, always remember to put in items that are safe for children. Also, avoid putting in too many sweets. Instead, you can put in items that the kids will enjoy and at the same time be useful to them. Some examples are notepads and pencils with designs of popular cartoons.


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