How To Find the Best Jeans for your Figure

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Demand for jeans has never waned since the day they were invented. They can range from a classic look to a highly fashionable outfit. They offer comfort and style at the same time. However, if you wear jeans that are not intended for your figure, you can look badly dressed and mismatched. It does not necessarily follow that if a certain pair of jeans fits your waistline, it will fit perfectly on you.

In order to find the perfect fit for your body type, it is best to determine the right shape and size. recommends measuring the rise, the waist, the hips, and the leg opening. Pick your best fitting jeans and measure the following areas.

  • The rise is the measurement between the waistline and the bottom of the crotch.
  • The crotch is the part of garment that covers your genitals or the place where your legs join your body.
  • The waist to be measured is the smallest waist right above your navel. Jeans that will perfectly fit you are generally 2" larger than your actual waistline.
  • Measure your full hip all around your butt. This is where the hips of the pants should fit. The perfect size can also be 2" larger in your jeans.
  • The leg opening is the perimeter around the bottom of your jeans.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you in finding the best jeans for your figure.

  1. To save time and money, you can search online for jeans that have the same size and shape that you are looking for. Some websites offer online purchase and discounts, to be delivered right at your doorstep. Make sure though that the item costs less than what you can actually buy in stores. Look into the refund and return policy. If there is none, do not go for it.
  2. Set a budget. A clear budget can reduce your choices, but it can definitely make you more satisfied with your purchase.
  3. Canvas many department stores or shops. Do not stay in one place and decide right there and then. Some stores offer discounts and lower prices than others. Thrift shops are always a best buy, if you are able to spot a pair that fits you.
  4. In going to stores, allocate ample time to shop. This way, you are able to try on your choices. You can also avoid hurrying up in the fitting room, which will enable you to carefully inspect the fit on your body. Thereby, you avoid impulsive and regrettable purchases.
  5. Do not be a brand-conscious victim. You may have biases for some brands over others. But if you focus on one brand only and refuse to explore other high-end or low-end brands, you limit your options. Sometimes, your brand of choice does not really have the right jeans for you. You end up buying jeans that do not fit you.
  6. Consult. In most cases, you tend to get blind-sided when you are shopping for jeans. Since you have predetermined biases in style and design, you end up buying inappropriate jeans. It is best to ask for opinions from other people. Ask the store salesperson, a family member, your husband or wife, or any trusted individual. These people will really tell you if the pair of jeans looks good on you or not.

Lastly, if you are on a budget, you may resort to a tailoring shop. You can ask them to make a pair from scratch or alter your purchase to fit you well. You can never go wrong in this, because they will measure your actual size versus the jeans that you bought. Enjoy shopping.


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