How To Follow Oscar Fashion

The Oscar Awards ceremony itself might be a total snooze fest, but we don't really watch the Oscars to find out who wins what.  We stay tuned to check out what the stars are wearing.   Usually, Oscar fashion follows a distinct pattern: men dress up in black coats and ties, while women wear long, flowing, old Hollywood gowns with layers and layers of delicate fabric.  Short cocktail dresses are not uncommon on the red carpet as well.  The most dominant colors are usually silver, gold, black, and white but every now and then, a fashion-forward celebrity will break tradition and show up in a vibrant gown or a dress with an unusual cut.  Of course, not all of these daring celebrities shine on the red carpet; in fact, some of them ought to be fined for what they wear to the Academy Awards. These are the things you should look out for when you watch the Oscars. Read on to find out how to follow Oscar fashion.

  1. Keep the TV tuned to a live broadcast of the Oscar red carpet.  Most news networks, as well as entertainment channels, will have reporters stationed at the red carpet to capture the celebrities as they get out of the cars.  Sometimes, they'll even manage to snag an interview or two with a celebrity or a designer.
  2. There will also be hundreds of paparazzi present at the red carpet, and not all of them sell their photos to newspapers and tabloids. A good number of them are photographers for big agencies and fashion blogs, who'll post the pictures over the Internet almost as soon as they're taken.  A great way to stay updated on Oscar fashion is by following fashion blogs. Some of them will have live updates of the Oscar red carpet; so just keep hitting that refresh button to see more Oscar fashions as they come.
  3. If you've got a VCR or DVR and won't be home to watch the Oscars, you can program these devices to record the red carpet, awards ceremony, and after party.  That way, you won't miss out on any details even if you had things to attend to on Oscar day.
  4. Newspapers, magazines, and tabloids will definitely be featuring Oscar fashion.  If you missed the awards show, you can simply grab a copy of the papers at the local newsstand and skip ahead to the Entertainment section. 

So if you missed out on watching the Academy Awards, don't worry--you can still catch up on Oscar fashion by looking at the news or going online. The fun part of reading about Oscar fashion through print and new media is that they've got witty commentaries on what the stars chose to wear.  Live coverage of the red carpet does not include wardrobe criticism, because the reporters are too busy interviewing celebrities or describing what's going on.  Between watching live coverage of the Oscars or reading about it, it's probably better to read and look at pictures if following Oscar fashion is all you're after.


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