How To Get an Oscar Dress Replica

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You're watching the Academy Awards on television, and upon seeing a star strut down the red carpet, you think to yourself, "I would kill for that dress!" While that exact dress she's wearing might actually cost more than you make in a year, a replica of the dress could be made to look virtually identical and might be a little easier to get than you think.

There are a lot of experienced seamstresses out there who would love the opportunity to make a replica of a gorgeous dress worn by one of Hollywood's biggest stars. This may amaze the average person, but a professional seamstress can just glance at a picture of a dress and know exactly how to make it.

Having clothing custom made can get somewhat expensive, depending on the detail of the dress and the fabric and other materials used. For example, if the dress has thousands of tiny beads all hand stitched, that could get pretty expensive. A relatively simple dress could be custom made for as low as $100, which could go up to $500 to $750 depending on the dress.

To have this done, I would recommend putting out an ad on a classified ads website, but if you want a quality dress, make sure you find someone who has worked as a seamstress professionally. People who do at-home sewing may feel that they are qualified, but they haven't been taught how to do anything but use store-bought patterns, which is not really what you are looking for. Make sure the person is experienced in draping and drafting patterns from scratch from looking at a picture. You may be surprised at how many people like this there are out there.

You should also know that if a person responds to your ad and offers to do it for $30 or $40 or so, this is probably not the seamstress for you. Anyone who would offer this little knows nothing about everything involved in custom making a dress and how long it takes, and therefore has no experience in the area. If the amount offered is a few hundred dollars, this is more likely a person who knows what they are doing.

So, as long as you can find the right seamstress, the day you can walk down the street sporting a gown worn by an Oscar winning actress may be closer than you think.


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