How To Get Feminine Tattoo Ideas

Planning on getting a tattoo but don't know where to begin?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The word "feminine" may mean a lot of things for different women.  It may mean sexy, charming, provocative, exciting, cheerful, smart, classy and a lot of other adjectives to describe womanhood.  You have your own idea of what a feminine tattoo looks like.  You don't have to choose a tattoo just because the label said that it's for girls or that it's feminine.  Select the tattoo that you think will look good on a woman like you.

What type of tattoos would you like to have?  Consider your personality.  If you have answered personality quizzes before, you may have an idea of what category your personality belongs to.  You could even take note of what your friends and colleagues describe you to be.  But most importantly, find out what type of person you are and think about what kind of tattoos will be most suitable for you.

Do you have favorite things, ideas, words or symbols?  Take a look at your doodles, your journal entries and your paintings.  Recall your dreams and your fantasies.  Observe the things you collect and the things you love.  Do you have favorite designs?  Are they in a specific color?  Do you love reciting a specific phrase, which inspires you, or bring back memories?  You could sketch your own tattoo, or ask someone who knows you very much to design one for you.  If in case the designer doesn't know about you that well, you can give her ideas such as what your favorite sketches are, what symbols interest you, and so on.

Search for tattoo ideas in the Internet.  Take note that an Internet search would not always give you back what you wanted.  Have patience and try using different keywords until you arrive at a tattoo design you like. 

Visit tattoo websites.  Unlike a random Internet search, tattoo websites have classified the type of tattoo designs they have and you could pick one from the category you prefer.  You could even print out the designs so that you could bring them with you to the tattoo artist or modify it as you desire. 

Take a look at other girls who have tattoos.  Maybe there are some tattoos they have that catch your eye?   Sketch them in detail or draw the general outline.  You could look at websites and see whether there are similar tattoos on these, or ask someone to draw one for you if you aren't good at drawing.

Visit tattoo shows.  They would have lots of tattoos for display and you could ask for copies of tattoo designs.   You could even take note of where the tattoos are placed and what effect it does to the viewer.

Ask tattoo artists.  They have experience about tattoos and they would have great ideas to share with you.  They could even choose the one which best suits your personality and your appearance, but it's up to you whether to use their suggested tattoo design or not.

There are plenty of feminine tattoo ideas around you if you know how to look.  Keep your eyes open and get the design that looks and feels great on you.


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