How To Get Free Hair Cutting Instructions

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It's time to start saving money, say goodbye to the salon and learn how to cut you're own hair at home.  If you’re not willing to give up the salon completely at least cut back on salon visits and trim your hair yourself at home.  If you don't know how to cut your own hair or a member of your family's, it’s easy to do and you can find instructions online on various websites.  Once you have the basic hair cutting process down you can even purchase books and start practicing how to cut the latest trends and styles.

The items that you will need in order to do a perfect hair cut are: hair cutting scissors (they need to be very sharp), a fine tooth comb, a spray bottle, a towel and hair clips or ties to hold hair back.

The towel needs to be wrapped around the neck to keep hair from falling on you and your clothing.  Next spray the hair with the spray bottle.  Use just enough water to dampen the hair and then comb it thoroughly.  The hair should be laying flat without any knots or tangles.

If you have bangs these need to be done first.  Brush hair back and secure tightly with a hair clip.  Start cutting the bangs in small sections, the top of the eye brows is where the bangs should end.  Keep the scissors close to the forehead while you are cutting in order to keep a straight level line.

The next step is to tackle the rest of the hair.  Comb through the hair to remove any knotted strands then divide the hair into sections.  Clip the sections up to keep them out of the way.  Start at the base of the neck and run your fingers down the section of hair.  When you reach the desired length keep the hair in place by keeping it between your index finger and your middle finger.  Begin cutting the hair that's sticking out of your fingers until all the ends are even.  Continue doing this with all the sections of hair until the hair is cut evenly.  Before you are done comb through the hair one last time and make sure there are no uneven strands that need to be trimmed.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that less is more.  When cutting hair especially if it’s wet the hair will shrink once it dries. Remember this and don't cut too much to keep it from shrinking up and being shorter then you desired.


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