How To Get Free Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs are available everywhere, and you can even get some of them for free.  Here's how.

  1. Search for them in the Internet.  Just use your Internet search engine to search for designs you like.  Type a description of your preferred tattoo designs; the more words you type, the more specific will the results be.  Just make sure that you try using different ways of describing the tattoo in detail so that you will get the results you want.  You could even add the word "free" to your keywords in order to get tattoo designs which are specifically for free.
  2. Go to tattoo websites.  There would be galleries of tattoo designs displayed here, and you could get most of them for free.  You could ask around for websites to go to or just make an Internet search for these websites.  You could even specify what tattoo websites you want to go to and what tattoos you want to see there by typing the appropriate keywords on your search engine.
  3. Visit online forums.  If you don't know a particular tattoo forum to go to, search the Internet for them.  These would have collections of tattoo designs that you could download and print at no cost to you.  Just make sure that the people who own them will give you permission to download it in order to avoid infringing copyright law.  You could also inquire other forum members about where to get great tattoo designs for free.
  4. Browse tattoo magazines.  If you could take a peek into tattoo magazines, you would see tattoo designs for free.  If you bought the magazine and took it home with you, it could be considered that you have bought the tattoo design.  Anyway you look at it, tattoo magazines can give you ideas about what tattoo design you could take.
  5. Take a look in advertisements.  You could find tattoos not only in advertisements about tattoos but everywhere.  There would be advertisements about clothing that features models with tattoos on them.  There would also be advertisements about motorcycles with tattooed riders.  Sharpen your eyes and you will see that there are plenty of ideas you could get from ads.
  6. Look at people around you.  You may catch a glimpse of an interesting tattoo from a stranger walking by, or maybe know a friend who has a tattoo you are fascinated with.  Take pictures of them or draw these if you can, and now you have a free tattoo design with you.
  7. Ask other people to share their tattoo designs.  If you ask people nicely, they may show you their tattoo designs as well as create one, which looks good on you.  Give them ideas of what kinds of tattoo designs you prefer.
  8. Make your own tattoo design.  What's more fun than creating your very own tattoo?  Think about the things you like and the symbols which you are fond of drawing and incorporate these into your tattoo design.  You could even copy other tattoos and modify them according to your tastes. 

Great tattoo designs don't have to cost money, but it does cost you a little patience and a lot of imagination to find the best tattoo design for you.  Don't give up searching and you will find them.


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