How To Get Jennifer Aniston Hair

Jennifer Aniston is a fashion and Hollywood icon.  She is a beautiful woman who caught everyone's attention with her comedic portrayal of Rachel on Friends.  The thing that's most unique about Jennifer Aniston is her beautiful girl next door appeal, while at the same time she has great comedic timing and acting style.  Her signature acting style has been mimicked by many other up-and-coming actresses trying to achieve the same effect.  Another trait of Jennifer Aniston's that is widely imitated is her hairstyle.

When Friends first came out, not many people were wearing their hair bone straight.  In the first few episodes of the TV show, you can see how Monica, Phoebe and Rachel all had curled hair with a lot of body.  It is uncertain whether Jennifer Aniston decided upon her hairstyle change herself or whether it was the creation of the show's stylist, but she started wearing her hair bone straight.  It was such a flattering style on her that billions of women around the world, of all races, started to imitate it.  Flat iron sales went through the roof.  In fact, many people had never even heard of flat irons until everyone wanted to get Jennifer Aniston's hair.

In order to recreate Jennifer Aniston's signature hairstyle, you have to first look at your own hair texture.  If your hair is wavy and easy to comb naturally, it won't be that hard.  You can just wash your hair with your favorite smoothing shampoo and conditioner and allow the hair to dry naturally, or use a blow-dryer if you don't have a lot of time.  Then, add some shine serum to your dry hair, comb the hair, and use your flat iron on the hair in small sections.

If your hair is thick, wavy, or loosely curled, you will want to use smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Blow dry the hair straight with a brush and blow dryer.  If you don't want to do this, you can wet set the hair on large curlers and let it dry under a dryer or dry it with a hand dryer. Once your hair is dry, put some shine serum on it and flat iron small sections.  If you set your hair on large rollers, your hair will already be in small sections and ready for flat ironing.  Setting the hair on small curlers and then flat ironing it is a much gentler method than blow drying the hair straight.

If you have tightly curled hair, you will probably have to use a pressing comb or hair relaxer to get hair like Jennifer Aniston's.  You should consult with a professional for both of these procedures.  After you have made your hair straight with a pressing comb, you can flat iron it a little so that it falls right. If you get your hair relaxed, you can treat your hair like thick or wavy loosely curled hair and get Jennifer Aniston hair like that.


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