How To Get Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has emerged as the favorite method for permanent results, with this new technology replacing electrolysis. However, the laser luxury is expensive, with the national average cost per session around $400. However, this cost is calculated by segmented body areas for the underarms, bikini line, legs, etc. Full body laser is available for about $3,500, but most people use a pay-as-you-go method with segmented body areas. The treatments are scheduled once a month or every second month, according to individual hair growth patterns, with the average total amount of treatments falling between five and seven sessions per area.

The procedure is quick and relatively painless and provides permanent hair removal for most patients. The laser light is attracted to melanin, which produces a dark pigment in the hair. However, persons with blond, gray or red hair may not be suitable candidates to benefit from laser hair removal as the hairs cannot be detected by the laser. The treatment works best with larger areas such as the back and legs, often with 100 percent hair removal success, or at the very least, leaving the patient with fine, blond hairs. Although this hair removal treatment is safely used over most of the body, the laser must not be used near the eyes.

To best prepare yourself for a laser treatment, it is recommended that you avoid sun tanning and let the hairs grow out for at least one week. A short stubble is all that is required for your laser physician to grab the hairs. However, do not pluck the hairs as it disturbs the growth cycle and you will be left with a mix of coarse untreated hairs intermingled with lighter treated hairs.

Post care recommendations are to keep the make-up off your face and use with a regular moisturizing routine. Should there be any exceptionally dry skin or slight blistering, be sure to stay out of the sun until your skin heals. Persons with lighter skin respond better to the laser treatment, and therefore will need fewer sessions than those with darker skin. It is usually patients with greater melanin in their skin that require a few extra treatments and may be likely to experience a mild skin irritation.

When shopping for a laser hair removal clinic, use the same care and concern you would use when choosing any other kind of doctor. Be sure the facility is clean, the staff is professional and most of all, that your doctor is Board Certified to perform this procedure. Payment options may be flexible with private financing plans; however, laser surgery is regarded as cosmetic, and therefore not covered by insurance.


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