How To Get Make-up Samples

With the economy the way it is we don't have an abundance of spare money to spend on experimenting with different types of make-up. The good news is that many companies hand out samples of their products to entice you to purchase it. There are many ways for you to take advantage of these free samples.

The next time you are visiting your favorite department store stop by the cosmetic section. They usually have sample sizes of new make-up for consumers to try out, ask the person working the counter if you could have a sample. Remember to act genuinely interested in the product, the person working the counter will hook you up with samples in hopes of making a sale.

Another way to get free makeup samples is by searching the Internet. These samples won't be available right away as if you were to stop by a store, typically you'll have to wait 4-6 weeks for them to be shipped out. If a site requires you to take a survey or complete free offers before you get your free sample then that site is usually a scam. Most websites will only require you to put in your email address so that they can send you special offers and by doing this they will mail you a sample of there newest item.  There are many different freebie websites that you can visit. Just search google or yahoo to find them all.

If you visit your favorite cosmetic brand's personal website, you can sign up to receive newsletters. These newsletters will inform you of upcoming sales and events and every once in awhile will include free samples of new items that will be the next big seller.

If you know someone that has a home-based cosmetic business such as Avon, Mary Kay or Arbonne they usually have free sample packs of products to hand out to consumers. Not only do you benefit from receiving the free sample but it typically benefits the person selling the product as well. After trying a few products you are going to find that one perfect item that works great and looks awesome on you that you will want more then anything. Samples really do benefit everyone.

When it comes to receiving free make-up samples, don't be too greedy. Receiving the free samples is a good thing that will help you before you purchase new makeup. You'll be confident in what you are buying knowing that it's the right shade for you and works with your skin type.


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