How To Get Rid of Tan Lines

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Whether you have tan lines from sunbathing, sunless tanners, or from applying self- tanners, there are ways to do away with your extra tan or tan lines. Your tan lines can be hidden or covered to blend and show flawlessly tanned skin. Here are some tips on how to get rid of tan lines:

  1. Use a self-tanner to hide tan lines. Choose a self-tanner that has been proven to be effective. Evenly apply and spread the tanner on your skin, making sure to blend the tanner on the part where there are tan lines. If you use a self-tanner, avoid using exfoliate lotions that are oil-based. These lotions may leave residue on your skin that can prevent the absorption of the self-tanner you use. Regularly shave, rinse well and thoroughly dry your skin with a soft thick terry towel to keep your skin looking soft.
  2. Exfoliate regularly. Exfoliating is a gradual way to remove dead cells and it can make your original skin tone come back. Your arms, torso and legs need a gentle treatment to exfoliate. You can apply baby oil on the areas of the skin where you want to get rid of tan lines and let your skin absorb the oil. After about half an hour, take a bath and with a soft cloth, exfoliate your skin. To remove the dead cells, gently massage all parts of your body using the washcloth. You can also simply shave your legs or soak in a hot bathtub and use a body scrub to gently exfoliate your skin.
  3. Use your self-made exfoliant. Use a cheap, quick and natural way of getting rid of tan lines in seconds by making your own exfoliant.  Here is a suggested mixture that can do miracles and is safe and effective. Mix one cup of baking soda with a half cup of water in a bowl. Dampen the part of your skin where you have the tan line. Get a handful of the mixture or just a dry baking soda and massage your skin in circles over the tan lines, using the baking soda rub. If the tan lines are still there, thoroughly rinse and dry your skin then simply repeat the process.
  4. Apply lotion with alpha hydroxy acids or AHA. Find a lotion with AHA and apply it on the tan lines. This kind of lotion removes the dead skin cells and makes the lines fade faster. You can also apply the AHA lotion, or a 100% pure vitamin E lotion or chilled aloe vera at night before you sleep to reduce your tan lines. Other products that contain hydrogen peroxide can also be used, but before using any product that has hydrogen peroxide, test your skin for irritations. Apply a small amount on your hand or feet, and your skin is irritated, discontinue its use. If no irritation occurs, wipe the area that is tanned with hydrogen peroxide. Apply the solution with a cotton swab or directly on your skin. Wait for about 10 minutes prior to washing it off your skin. Just be careful not to apply any chemical on sensitive areas of your skin.
  5. Use a gradual tanner. For those who prefer not to use self-tanners, you can start by using a gradual tan that builds up and blends to your skin tone. You can concentrate on getting rid of the tan lines only on certain parts of your body then later add more tanner to blend the skin tone.
  6. Use a bronzer or makeup remover as a temporary cover up. For strap lines or t-shirt tans, look for a bronzer that has the closest color to easily blend with your skin tone. Brush a small amount over the area with the tan lines and blend. Apply the bronzer on areas with uneven tans as well. For your neck and face you can dampen a cloth or cotton pad and using a liquid makeup remover try to do away with blotches until the tanned area appear even. Repeat the process every night before sleeping and when waking up until your tan looks even all over your neck and face.

You usually get a tan only during the summertime. Once summer is over, your tanned skin will slowly fade and the tan lines will naturally disappear. I suggest you only try to get rid of your tan lines if they stay beyond the summer time and show bad blotches or streaks on your skin. Otherwise let nature take its course. Allow your normal skin tone and color to come back naturally.


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