How To Get Smooth and Sexy Legs

The summer months are here and one of the most important things to have during this season of shorts, skirts and swimsuits are silky, smooth and sexy legs. Achieving silky, smooth and sexy legs is easy with a few simple steps next time you shower or bathe.

First off you want to start by shaving your legs with a 3 to 5 blade razor. The more blades your razor has, the smoother the shave. The more blades your razor has, the less likely you are to develop ingrown hairs and you're also less likely to cut yourself while shaving as well.

Remember ladies, one stroke at a time. Run the razor up your leg in a long and even motion and rinse the razor before running it up your leg again.

After you're done shaving you want to exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells and to help prevent ingrown hairs from developing. You can also exfoliate before shaving your legs as well to help loosen up any hairs that may be trapped underneath the skin.

Waxing your legs is also a very good way to achieve smooth legs. You can do it at home with a wax kit or go to a beauty salon to have it done. Personally, I prefer to have someone else do it as it can be quite time consuming, sticky, messy and painful if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Hair removal creams like Nair are also a great alternative to waxing and it's much cheaper and quicker also.

When you are done removing the hair from your legs and exfoliating them you want to use a good body moisturizer to lock in the moisture and give them a beautiful glow and silky appearance. Nothing feels better than moisturized, freshly shaven legs. Especially in the summertime you are more prone to having dry skin from a lack of water and also from the sun which can very quickly dry out your skin. Keeping your legs moisturized not only will make you feel better, but it will make your legs look better as well.

If you have cellulite or stretch marks there are some great lotions and products on the market to reduce the appearance of them. Using a firming lotion on your legs is a great way to keep them looking their best.

Of course exercising will also give your legs a firmer, sexier look.

Doing a few simple things during your at home beauty routine can really give you smooth and sexy legs.


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