How To Grow a Thick Beard

Man with beard

There are many reasons why men grow beards: some want to make a dramatic change in their appearance; other feel it makes them more rugged or manly, and still others simply like they way they look. But when it comes to actually growing a beard, it can be tough; the initial stages can be itchy, and some people have sparser hair growth than others. Below are a few simple tips for growing a thick, beautiful beard.

The first step to growing a beard is patience. It takes roughly four weeks (often even longer) to go from an unshaven mess to a neat, well-groomed beard. Also, it is important to remember that hair grows in varying stages, so in those first four weeks your facial hair may look uneven.

After you've made the decision to grow a beard and have readied yourself for the long wait, your next step will be to prepare your face. Given that the initial growth can itch like crazy, it is a good idea to start a basic skincare routine. Scrub the areas of your face where you intend to grow a beard; by doing this you will aid in preventing any ingrown hairs and cut down on the irritation. After exfoliating the area, be sure to moisturize your face. For this you can use any type of lotion, or even aloe vera gel, to keep the area clean, soft and ready for growing your beard.

Next, you must let your beard grow naturally. One common mistake that people make when growing a beard is shaving too frequently, or too early. A big misconception is that shaving will make a beard grow faster or thicker; many people also find that they are anxious to start shaping their new facial hair. You must remain patient, and let it grow at its own pace.

After the long wait, you can decide on a style. When you initially grow a beard, it will be one short mass of hair. You may decide to let it continue growing in this way, or you may decide to trim the hair a little closer to your face. This stage is all about experimentation; your beard will grow back if you make a mistake.

After you grow a beard – unless you are growing a beard with a more natural look – it is important to keep it well maintained. Itching may persist as your beard continues to grow, so keep using the lotion. You will also want to keep your beard clean; so when you wash your hair, give your beard a gentle scrub as well. Finally, be sure to learn how to use a beard trimmer to keep your style in shape.


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