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Having highlights at home

If you want to add a more subtle look to your hair than a dye job, you may want to consider adding highlights to your hair.  This can completely change the look of your hair and create more depth.   Many people often spend hundreds of dollars at the salon to get the look they want.  However, if you want the look but do not have the money to spend, you can highlight hair at home. This article will give you the basics of highlighting - for the finer details, this website has another great article about how to highlight hair that will give you professional results.

The first thing you will want to do is find a hair highlighting product.  You can find these at almost any department store.  You will want to choose the one that closely resembles the color you desire.   You will also want to choose which type of method you want to use: a cap and hook or a brush product.  If you have long hair, you should choose the brush style as it does better highlighting hair that is long.

Hair lighting at home does not have to be difficult.  Simply follow the instructions in the package.  However, the one thing you must not do is skip the strand test.  This will help you to determine how long it will take to successfully highlight hair and if you skip it, the results may not be what you like.

After you have put on the gloves and mixed the solution following all of the directions, you will want to apply the highlighter directly to the dry hair where you want the highlights, either with the brush method or the cap method.  The hair should be thoroughly saturated with the product.

Once the product is applied, carefully watch the time so you do not go over the designated time.  Make sure you check your results often so you can rinse it out sooner if necessary.  When the desired color is reached or the time is up, rinse the entire hair highlighting product from your hair with warm water until the water runs clear.  Most hair highlighting products will also come with a conditioner you can use afterwards to keep it healthy.

Many people often choose to highlight hair at home for many reasons.  The main reason is they can do this for just the price of the product, instead of paying the high prices at a salon.  Highlighting hair at home can be a wonderful experience between friends, as well and you will often find many enjoying the ritual together.


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