How To Compare Hair Removal Wax and Machines

Wax removal

Body hair removal is not a new concept. The Egyptians and the Greeks have been trying to rid themselves of body hair for many millennia with the use of homemade hair removal wax. Fast forward to this century, it’s definitely clear that women (and some men) from all over the world are still obsessing about keeping their legs and bikini line hair free as much as possible, especially if they are planning to go out on holiday or spend a weekend at the beach.

The debate between using homemade body wax versus machine hair removal has also been raging on for quite some time. Women swear by both techniques, and both offer great benefits, but also have drawbacks.

Here's how to compare pros and cons of each method.

Hair removal cost. This has to be one of the biggest considerations by women when making the decision on what to use for their problem areas. To keep it simple, making your own wax costs pennies. The simplest of wax recipes would only require you to combine sugar with some honey to come up with a great waxing agent. Taffy has also been suggested as a great homemade wax alternative. Its stickiness can definitely grip onto hair and be an excellent tool in hair removal. Using machine hair removal tools such as an electric razor or epilator will require a bigger investment. The cost would be many times greater than the homemade wax.

The Mess. Sometimes, women just want to do one task and just be done with it. It shouldn’t be rocket science. However, having to prepare the wax, then apply it to one’s legs, and then remove the hair can be quite a tedious chore for women on the go. This makes the option of using hair removal machines more appealing to those who don’t want to fuss about the preparation and the actual rinsing process. Some even use hair removal creams, which are way less of a hassle compared to homemade hair removal wax. Most homemade waxes would commonly leave a sticky residue, due to the fact that it is made from very sticky substances like caramelized sugar and honey.  Back waxing might be a challenge, though, so some women go to professional salons to get their backs and other hard to reach areas waxed by another attendant.

If neither solution works, one can always choose to consult a professional for other options. For instance, laser treatments promise permanent hair removal after about five sessions. One can also go to a waxing salon, which might be more convenient. But most prefer doing things themselves, so homemade wax would definitely be one good option for DIYers. The trick here is to go for the method that your skin is used to, so you don’t develop skin rashes and other irritations.

Hair removal will be here to stay as long as unwanted hair keeps growing back. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, so just choose the method that best suits you. 


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