How a Man Can Dress Stylishly in Tight Clothing

Tight is a very broad adjective. If you are talking about clothes, especially for guys, the word “tight” must be defined. There are at least two existing kinds of tight clothes for guys: form-fitting (European fit) and skin-tight clothing (the ones that almost look like second skin). Form fitting clothes gently hug your body, revealing just enough of a glimpse of your form. Skin-tight clothes, however, show too much of every bump and bulge in your body. You may either look ridiculous or like a show-off, unless you are required to wear it for work or school. In addition to that, skin-tight clothes won’t let you or your skin breathe. So obviously, form-fitting clothes are the best bet for guys.

Now, it’s not politically correct to judge a man’s manhood because he wears such tight clothing. It all depends on where, when, why and how he’s wearing it. Just in case you’re the man who really needs to wear tight clothes, and you’re totally clueless on how to rock it, just relax and read on.

A suit, and everything matched, is best sported if it is form fitting. It tells people that you’re not just a bunch of clothes walking around. Dark colors are the best choices for formal wear. The not-so-dark colors, like tan, brown or grey, are also good. The shoulders of the suit should stay exactly at your shoulder line, and not below it. The lapels of the suit must create a perfect V-shape, so the buttons must come in at the waistline. The chest shouldn’t be too roomy, enough that you can fit a baby in it. The pants should fit in the waist and in length. You don’t want your pants to fall if someone just pulls off your belt! The pants must be around half an inch off the ground. If it’s shorter or longer than that, you’ll look either dorky or as if you just don’t have enough resourcefulness to find a pair of pants that would fit you perfectly. The pants and shirt shouldn’t be so snug that the buttons could just pop and break as soon as you breathe. Match your entire ensemble with a nice pair of matching, elegant shoes.

You can look sexy, yet respectable, in a form-fitting shirt. Do not match it with a bulky pair of pants. You are not a girl! You don’t want people to see you have an hourglass shape. Rather wear pants that gently hug the rear portion, and are not too tight and not too loose from thighs down. It should also have enough room to let you move about, without hurting your tenders! Style should always go with comfort.

You can also look gorgeously fit for work when wearing a form-fitting uniform. It not only looks good, it also can save lives. Wearing a uniform that’s too loose, let’s say, in the kitchen or in a laboratory, can cause a lot of accidents. You see, it pays to wear tight clothes!

There are many other ideas that you could learn through watching shows on cable TV that give tips on how guys, especially straight ones, could be in style. You can also pick ideas from magazines and online catalogues. Or, you could always combine your imagination and what you have learned from this article, to create that ultimate stunning but manly style.


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