How Hair Straighteners Work

The old adage that hair is the crowning glory still works today. People usually go to the salon to have their hair styled when there is a special occasion. But there are those who prefer to style their hair themselves with a blow drier, iron curlers, or hair straighteners.

Straightening the hair is a process where wavy or curly hair is tamed or straightened. This is generally accomplished with hair straightener irons or chemical hair straighteners.

Chemical straighteners are made up of chemicals that relax and modify the protein bonds or structures that make your hair curl. These chemicals can only affect hair that is visible, not the hair that still hasn't grown out of your scalp. When your hair is already straight, another chemical is applied that stops your hair's protein from continually breaking down and damaging your hair.

A hair straightener is similar to a clothes iron. It is a devise designed primarily to straighten hair. Advocates of this devise insist that it makes hair smoother and shinier as well. It straightens hair by modifying and breaking down your hair's protein bonds. When the bonds are broken, your hair is straight and will get back to its original curly form once your hair is moistened.

Having your hair straightened using chemical straighteners in a salon can be costly. Although it is expensive to have it done, at least your hair will still be straight even if you wash it. Unlike the hair straightener that can only give you straight hair for short engagements.

Hair straighteners can be used to shape the hair into your desired style, just like a curling iron. But heat can be damaging to any part of the body and especially to hair. It is best to determine the exact amount of heat needed to make the hair straight. To prevent damage to your hair, you can use heat treatment products and hair conditioners. 

Using hair straighteners with a steam function can also help in preventing hair damage. This device needs water, emitting a puff of steam as you work on your hair. However, if your hair is extremely curly or frizzy, this kind of straightener is not recommended. This is because the steam may cause the hair to frizz more.

More people prefer the ceramic hair straightener because it works well even on hair that is difficult to manage and at half the time compared to other hair straighteners. This equipment also gets hot fast, stays hot longer and leaves hair smooth and shiny. The only problem with the ceramic hair straighteners is that they cost more.

Remember that if you use hair straighteners, all types of straighteners can damage hair so select the best, quality equipment that can minimize damage to hair. It would also be best for your hair if you didn't use your hair straighteners on a daily basis.


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