How To Accessorize a Business Suit

Accessories can breathe life into any outfit and add a new twist into an old look. But unless your work is in the fashion industry, less is more is the best way to go about accessorizing your business suit. Read on to find out how to accessorize a business suit with these six timeless pieces.

  1. Classy watch - Although most of us now use our mobile phones to check the time, a watch still helps when you're at work.  That's why watches are considered an accessory – it is no longer essential, but wearing it will complete a certain look. For instance, if you are going to a job interview or attending an important meeting, a watch will show the interviewer or the client that punctuality is important to you. Watches with bright colors or plastic bands are a huge no-no if you're wearing them with a business suit. Instead, choose a classic watch with a leather band or metal band.
  2. Pearl earrings - Pearl earrings are the most versatile and affordable of the stones. They show a touch of sophistication, class, and femininity. The pearls you wear to the office don't need to be real or expensive. However, they should always be stylish and simple. For the office or business meetings, complement your business suit with pearl studs or drop earrings. Never wear dangle earrings or overly large pearl studs with a business suit – it looks tacky and unprofessional. Aside from a watch and a pair of earrings, women don't need to use jewelry when wearing a business suit. A necklace may do, but choose a simple pendant with a silver or gold chain – nothing too large or trendy. You may also wear a simple chain bracelet or a classy charm bracelet, but never wear chunky jewelry or bangles in an office environment.
  3. Silk scarf - If you'd like to look a little less severe, a silk scarf can make your business suit a little more colorful. A silk scarf is the only colorful accessory you can wear with a business suit. Silk scarves come in many gorgeous patterns and lively colors, but it's best to stick to paisley, floral prints or plain colors.
  4. Black leather pumps - Wear a pair of black leather pumps with your business suit. Look for one with an inch and a half high to three inches high heels. Anything shorter might make your legs appear stubby, whereas heels higher than three inches should be worn during a night out with the girls, not the office. Splurge on a pair of good quality leather pumps because you will be wearing this pair often. You may choose one with a buckle design or simple studs, but it's better if you get plain black leather pumps.
  5. Pantyhose - Pantyhose and tights are perhaps the most inexpensive accessories you can buy, but they are very important. In the corporate world, women must always wear pantyhose with a skirt. Nude shades will do, but black tights may be worn during winter with wool or tweed suits.


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