How To Accessorize Your Vintage Fur Coat

Fur coats are coats that are made of the fur of animals. Fur clothing is one of the first types of clothing that was ever used. Fur is ideal to wear in cold weather because of the insulation provided by the material. This is also a staple item in countries where fashion is important. People who are against using the fur of animals opt to wear faux fur. Faux fur is fake fur and is mostly used by people who are not able to afford buying real fur. Most of the materials used for fur coats are from rabbits, foxes and minks.

A lot of fur coats come in plain colors. If you are a fashion fan and you want to add your own flair to your fur coat, you can accessorize it so that your coat will stand out. It also adds personality to your fur coat.

Here are some tips on how you can accessorize your vintage fur coat:

  1. Brooches. One thing you can do to accessorize your fur coat is to add a brooch near the breast area. This is an ideal thing to do, especially when your fur coat has a plain color. This is ideal for women’s coats that need a little flair. In placing the brooch, be sure that it is on an area on the coat that can be seen. Also, make sure that the pinning of the brooch does not damage the fur.
  2. Scarves. Another way you can accessorize your fur winter coats is by using scarves. This can be done for both men’s and women’s fur coats. You can use vibrant colors for your scarves if your fur coat has a dark color. This will give your coat a pop of color. You can take the coat and place it under the collar of your fur coat.
  3. Other Fur Accessories. You can also use other accessories made of fur. You can wear a fur hat, fur gloves and mittens or a fur stole. You can do this when the weather is extra cold and you need layers of clothes to keep you warm. If you are going to do this, make sure that you only choose a few fur items to wear as it may be bulky and hard for you to move if your whole body is covered with fur.
  4. Patches. If your vintage fur coat looks old and used, you can use patches to cover holes or stains on the coat. This is a great way to preserve the look of your coat and make it look newer. You can buy patches from your local craft store and just sew them on different parts of the fur coat.

These are some of the things that you can do to accessorize your vintage fur coats. You can also do this for other fur items, such as fur vests and fur jackets. You can also choose to purchase faux fur instead of real fur so that you can still look good without having to spend a lot of money. Faux fur is made from synthetic fabric, such as acrylic. They can also be made of a combination of cotton and wool.


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