How To Achieve a Trendy Hairstyle

Hair is one of the most easily identifiable aspects of a person - color, cut, style, thickness, etc. - and it can say a lot about someone's personality at first glance.  Color can be from mousy to bold to multicolored, with cuts in a variety of styles, from no style at all to quiet and understated, or super trendy.  If you fall into the last category, and just have to have the latest trendy hairstyle, then go for it!

So the first step in achieving a trendy hairstyle is to find one you like.  Maybe you've seen one in a magazine, or have a favorite hairstylist that you prefer.  Celebrities have been a great way to keep up on the latest trendy hairstyles, and for years now.  Everyone from Dorothy Hamill to Jennifer Aniston, John Travolta to Pete Wentz, have been emulated in style over and over again.  And why shouldn't celebrities be copied on style?  They seem to represent everything new and trendy that comes down the pipe.

After you have found the perfect trendy hairstyle, it's time to put what's on paper into action, and get your hair done.  You'll now need to find the stylist that will bring that style to life, and make it your own.  If you've never had a trendy style before, and are looking for a stylist in your area, the best way to find a great salon is through word of mouth.  Ask some friends or co-workers you know who does their hair, or if they know of anyone to personally recommend.  Once you have some names, drop by the salon to see works in progress and to get a feel for the way the stylists work.  If it's the right place and stylist for you, go ahead and make an appointment.

Make sure your stylist knows up front all of the work you want done.  A trendy hairstyle is more than just cut; it can include color or additions like extensions.  If you need color work, let him know exactly what needs to be done; bring a picture of what you would like, if possible.  A professional stylist also provides words of wisdom on the upkeep of the trendy hairstyle you want after it's finished.  You might need a certain styling tool you don't already have, or will need more time in the morning to achieve the perfect look.  These are all things the stylist can let you know so you can keep your look fresh and trendy every day.

Most salons offer additional products like color-safe shampoos and conditioners, tools and other hair items, like gel and pomade.  Some even carry color clip-ons or extensions to do at home yourself.  No matter the style you've chosen, leave the salon feeling confident and sexy in your new look!


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