How To Act Like a Woman

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The first time your mother or boyfriend suggested it was time for you to "act like a woman" you might have been miffed. After all everyone knows that girls mature faster so you might be a teenager in years but a woman in reality. If you find yourself being treated like an immature teen or twenty-something, then you might need to follow these steps to act like a woman.

  1. Take the maturity test. Before getting started you might want a reality check. Find out how immature you really are by answering a few simple questions. If the answer to any of these questions is no, you need to proceed through the remaining steps.
    • Do you pay your own bills?
    • Do you handle your birth control instead of leaving it to your boyfriend?
    • Is your job part of a career plan?
  2. Let your confidence show. Being mature enough to act like a woman allows you to respect yourself. Be confident in your choices and your future.
  3. Plan ahead. Thinking beyond today is a huge step toward maturity and womanhood. Thinking ahead is what allows you to plan your education and career future. It also helps you to decide how and when to spend you money without getting in to debt or despair. By planning, you can begin to take care of yourself. One of the fundamental milestones is the day you can stop being taken care of by your parents or lover and start taking care of yourself.
  4. Celebrate your femininity. Remember that being a woman doesn't mean you have to give up being girly. Keep that feminine flair with your favorite pair of comfortable high heels and subtly sexy wardrobe.
  5. Make adult choices. Act like a woman by becoming a real adult. Step away from your parents' control and influence and begin to make your own decisions. Understand that by doing so, you will make mistakes and make choices that are not in your best interest. These mistakes are part of gaining maturity and you will learn more from them than from the right choices you make. Stand on your own two feet through the good and the bad and you will be acting like a full grown woman.

As a kid, you might think that acting like a woman is about shopping, getting massages and partying with your friends. You might think sexy shoes and boyfriend hopping is what it takes to be a sophisticated woman. What you will learn when you reach mature womanhood is that these are just surface things and don't make you a woman.


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