How To Add Body to Limp Hair

Limp, flat hair frustrates women on a daily basis. How do beauty salons manage to get hair so perky? It may seem impossible to do at home, but you can bring life back to your hair. Liven up your locks with some body and volume by following this guide.

Step 1

Use baby shampoo. You may be surprised to learn that you can add body to your limp hair by using baby shampoo. It's gentle on your hair and it also works to break down the residue on your hair. This will leave your hair light and full of body (and no one will believe your secret!)

Step 2

Blowdry your hair properly.  A lot of body can be added to your limp hair during the drying process. For best results, flip your head upside down and blowdry your hair this way. It will dry your roots straight so that they have more body when you flip your head back. You should also blowdry by pulling the brush from the root of your hair straight upward. Either method will force your hair to dry straight up, away from your scalp. This will add body to your limp hair.

Step 3

Use Velcro rollers. Another way to add body to limp hair is by using Velcro rollers. Select the largest rollers you can find and roll your hair in small sections when it's just about dry. Use your hairdryer to add heat to the rollers for 5 minutes or so. Then add hairspray or a salt spray to your roots. Once the sprays are dry and your hair has cooled, remove the Velcro rollers. Your hair should have much more body now.

Step 4

Brush baby powder into your hair. Another stylist secret is to add body by absorbing oils with baby powder. You can go a few days between washing and add volume to limp hair by sprinkling a tiny amount of baby powder along your hairline and your crown. Brush it into your hair so that it's not noticeable. It will soak up oils and leave your hair light and fluffy. You'll be surprised at how much body your hair will have when it's not being held down by excess oils.

Step 5

Use a dry shampoo. You can also keep oils and residue out of your hair so that it retains its body by using a dry shampoo. These are relatively new to the market. They are, in fact, dry. Dry shampoos come in aerosol cans, and are tinted for dark hair colors. (Sorry blondes, this solution won't work for you). Purchase a dry shampoo at your local hair salon and apply to the roots of your hair. It will clean your hair without you having to wash it, and it will maintain your hair's voluminous look.


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