How to Add Color to Lips Without Using Lipstick

The natural shade of lips often needs a little more color to prominently define their shape.  Lipstick has not always been the only answer to colorful lips. Prior to the use of lipstick as it is now known, there was pomade, a kind of lightly tinted lip balm with a slight hint of scent. How did Cleopatra and women of her day create those sensational red lips?  Berry staining is likely the answer to that question.

Staining The Lips Safely

With more and more women concerned about the ingredients that go into the manufacture of lipstick and their desire to use the most natural and ecologically safe method to color their lips, there is a return to the era of using various berries to color the lips. Cleopatra most likely relied on the red pomegranate fruit, native to the Middle East, for that luscious ruby shade of lip color. Today, for women who want just a hint of color on their lips, there are strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherries that can provide nice shades of red to purple hues.

Your Personal Lip Color Laboratory

It may be fun to try to blend berries of different shades to create a special lip color. To lighten a red shade, use a tiny drop of lemon juice. Amazingly, these lip stains will last longer than regular lipstick, although the color will lighten slightly after eating or drinking liquids. To set up your own lip color "lab", you'll need a few small plastic containers with caps to mix your fruit stains.  Once you've mixed the shades to your personal preference, place the caps on them and store in the refrigerator. They should remain fresh for up to 3 days.  Make several different shades to coordinate with your wardrobe. To apply, simply dab on with a tiny cosmetic sponge and use a cotton swab to outline your lips.

Food Coloring To Add Color To The Lips

There is one other safe way to add color to lips without lipstick: food coloring.  Food coloring is 100% safe and can be purchased for a relatively minor cost.  In some cases, food coloring is sold in individual colors.  They can be purchased in four primary colors: red, blue, green and yellow.  With this combination, you can devise colors from light pink to orange to deep purple. Unlike berry stains, food color stains have a much longer shelf life. Simply add water to lighten the color. Apply with a dampened sponge and use a cotton swab to outline the lips.

The "Green" Way to Add Color To The Lips

No matter which method you choose to add color to your lips, you'll be secure in the knowledge that you've contributed your part in helping to reduce your carbon footprint.


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