How To Add Highlights to Your Hair Naturally

Highlights add a boost into your total look. If you're bored with your haircut and want to enhance your look, you may do so by using natural ingredients from your kitchen. Surprising, but yes, this is possible and you don't need chemicals to highlight your hair. The natural option costs a lot less than the highlighting products sold on the market. Another advantage is that you don't need to worry about stains in your shirt, furniture and even in your skin caused by these highlighting products. Here are some of the ingenious ways of creating a new and refreshing look:

  • Olive oil + (lemon juice) +30 minutes sun exposure. Olive oil is a great way of highlighting your hair naturally.  All you need to do is put olive oil on your hair and spend at least 30 minutes out in the sun. The highlight effect will also depend on the length of your sun exposure so if you want to have a stronger highlight effect, then you can extend your sun exposure up to an hour. You can also have the option to mix a little lemon juice with the olive oil. Just mix olive oil and lemon juice then massage through your hair.
  • Shampoo Mixture:  6 tablespoons lemon juice + 1 cup of your favorite shampoo. To add natural highlights to your hair, you need to use this mixture daily. The acid of the lemon juice will create the natural highlight. The mixture will depend on the length of your hair so feel free to add more as necessary. It is best to store this mixture in the refrigerator for it to last longer.
  • Put Honey + use a hair cap + rinse your hair with chamomile tea. Use a little amount of honey and massage the mixture in your hair. The amount of honey you need to use depends on the length of your hair. After massaging, use a hair cap or plastic bag to cover your hair for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, rinse off the honey and shampoo and conditioner in your hair. For your last rinsing, it is best to use chamomile tea.

    All these ingredients are great in maintaining your hair and keeping it smooth and silky. You can also use chamomile tea for rinsing your hair after any of the procedures indicated above. But remember, this should be used as your last rinsing procedure so the chamomile tea will stay on your hair the whole day.

  • You may also add an egg bath to help moisturize your hair. Eggs have lecithin, which makes it a great moisturizer. All you need to do is beat an egg and massage to your hair and let it dry. Once dried, use a plastic bag to cover your hair and leave for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, rinse your hair with cool water.

These ingredients are safe to use and are highly recommended if you are allergic to the chemicals used in highlighting products. So go ahead and try these tips at home.


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