How To Add Loose Hairs to Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, heavy matted coils of hair also simply called locks or dreads, can occur naturally in any type of hair assuming the hair is allowed to grow and fuse together on its own.  More commonly in modern times though, a person will lock his or her hair using various products, treatments, and techniques, forming what are called “salon” or “manicured” dreadlocks.  One of the problems that is common to any kinds of dreadlocks is loose hairs, or rather how to add those loose hairs back into the dreads.  This is especially bothersome with salon locks, since the point is to keep them looking tight and even.  There are several different techniques for adding loose hair to dreadlocks, however.

Some methods for pulling loose hairs back into the locks are very simple.  Balling involves grabbing a tuft of loose hair, rolling it together into a tight ball, and stuffing back into the root of whatever dread it belongs to.  Loose hairs that just poke out from the middle of the lock can often be added back into your dreadlocks by rubbing the dread together between your palms.  This works best when you have dread wax in your hair, by the way. 

If you have highly textured hair, such as that belonging to people with African heritage, you can help new dreads stay tight just by twisting the hair around and around, but other types of hair will not really benefit at all from simple twisting.  If you have a mature dread that happens to have a loop sticking out loose from the middle of the dread, you can crochet it.  You simply take the tip of the dread, put it into the loop, and pull it through.

One final method for adding your stray hairs back into the dreadlocks is a bit more involved.  It's somewhat similar to making latch-hook crafts, and involves a hook-like instrument called simply a loose hair tool.  It's very similar to the tool used for latch-hook.  First, ball up the ends of the loose hairs together so that they will stay in the hook.  Close the hook and push it through your dread and out the other side.  Open the hook, tuck the loose hairs into it, then close the hook back up again.  Pull the latch-hook through and this will add those loose hairs back into your dreadlocks. sells these tools through their website.

Remember, dreadlocks take a long time to fully develop.  The constant maintenance involved in tightening locks and adding loose hairs back into the dread can be trying at times, but if you take the time and effort to keep your loose hairs added into your dreads and shape those dreads well, and you'll see your efforts pay off.


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