How To Add Scents to Your Beauty Products

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One of the things I love when going to the spa is the wonderful aroma that permeates every room that you go into. Not only that, I also love the fact that I smell great every time that I’m done with any pampering that I have enjoyed. This is the reason why I always bring home a few of those delightful scented skin care products from my favorite spa. I could recreate the spa experience within the comfort of my room. But for those of you who don’t have the time to go to the spa and pick-up scented skin care products, here are some tips on how you can easily make your own spa-inspired beauty products with scents using what we call fragrance oils or essential oils.

  1. Shampoo. Hair has a natural ability to retain scents, hence the numerous heavily-scented shampoos we have on the market. Create your very own spa-inspired shampoo by mixing two cups of your preferred brand of unscented shampoo with four drops of peppermint oil, two drops of lemon oil, and two drops of grapefruit oil. This recipe will surely invigorate your senses and you will actually go through the day with great smelling hair.
  2. Hand Sanitizer. One of the best lines of defense against germs is a hand sanitizer. Although there are a lot of fragrant hand sanitizers in the market, you can actually make one that carries your favorite scent. To do that, simply add one or two drops of your favorite essential oil to an unscented hand sanitizer. Essential oils are strongly concentrated, so use caution when adding them. Shake the container well to evenly distribute the oil you added. You can also make your own hand sanitizer easily. Take equal parts of rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel (to keep your skin soft and smooth). Add two to three drops of your favorite perfume oil, or favorite perfume. Essential oils of lime, orange, and eucalyptus are great for hand sanitizers because their citrus scents give the perception of cleanliness.
  3. After-shower body oil. Body oils are great to use during the cold, winter months because they give you warmth and keep your body moisturized far longer than body lotions could. And by adding a few drops of a vanilla essential oil to a natural unscented body lotion, you can actually feel and smell warm for a long period of time. Do not use vanilla extract as its only use is in baking and cooking. Another option is to use olive oil (yes, the one used in cooking) scented with your favorite essential oil. Spritz it lightly unto your body and rub in. Greek women do this, and see what great looking skin they have.

Feel and smell great by following the suggestions given above. Try different essentials oils include sage, ylang-ylang, rose, peppermint, cedar and basic musk. To evoke coastal visions, try sandalwood, while chamomile will help you relax. Take your at-home spa experience to the next level by lighting up scented candles in your bedroom, bathroom, or your living room.


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