How To Add Synthetic Hair to Cornrows

Cornrow is one of the methods used to add extensions to the hair. It is considered one of the safest because it doesn’t expose the hair to chemicals and heat. One of the drawbacks, however, is that cornrowing takes time. The method of adding synthetic hair is as well time-consuming, since it is done through sewing. But however tedious the process seems, the result is beautiful stylish hairstyle. If you are interested to learn this hairstyling procedure, take a look at the step-by-step guide below.

  • Wash the hair. It is very important to first wash the hair before styling. You need to remove the dirt from the hair and scalp and condition it for the procedure. And remember to completely dry the hair. If you cornrow damp hair, it will give off a stinking smell after a few days.
  • Begin to cornrow the hair. Cornrowing is basically the process of braiding small sections of the hair. When you cornrow, you need to decide how to part the hair because the direction will determine the pattern of the cornrow. But if you are to attach synthetic hair, it is best to part the hair horizontally. Cornrowing can be started at the front and continued all the way down.
  • Measure the synthetic hair you need to add. Determine the length and width of the synthetic hair against the cornrows you have made. To avoid any errors in measurement, you can bobby pin the hair wefts to the cornrow and determine how much synthetic hair you will need. Then, cut the synthetic hair according to the measurements.
  • Sew the synthetic hair. You can now remove all the pinned hair wefts. Doing this will give you enough room to work on. You can begin by threading a needle. After this, put the synthetic hair on top of the braid. Then, starting at one end of the braided section, push the curved needle under the braid and pull it up. Push the thread into the braid once more and up back again. Make a knot. Then, continue sewing until the entire weft is attached to the whole of the braid. Remember to begin sewing at the bottom part of the head.
  • Sew all the way across the head. After completing one cornrow section, examine the tightness of the sewn-in hair extension. If it has just the right tightness, you can continue sewing all the hair wefts into all the cornrows. Once done sewing, you can style the hair any way you want.

There are some things you need to remember when cornrowing and sewing synthetic hair. One, be gentle with the hair when cornrowing. You don’t want to braid too tight because doing so might damage the hair. Two, use synthetic hair that is similar to the hair’s natural color. If, however, you are going for a highlight effect, you can add synthetic hair that contrasts the natural hair color. And three, the thread you will use has to match the natural color of the hair. This will make the thread less visible.


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