How To Add Volume and Body to Fine, Thin Hair

Every woman who has fine hair desires hair that has body, and volume. The market is loaded with products that will enhance hair volume as well as thicken fine hair.  This can be a confusing task for the average consumer. However, there are easy steps to remedy this situation that do not require any or little upfront cost.

Style is vital for fine hair, cutting your hair regularly gives the impression of volume; cuts should be done roughly every four or six weeks for the best outcome. This regimen assists the hair by eliminating split ends which are normally associated with thin hair.   The style of the cut helps contribute to full voluminous hair.  For example, cuts that are short to medium length give the appearance of thicker hair than longer hair. Layered hair styles also have the same impact.

Shampoos are great choices to alleviate this condition; you should use shampoos that have volumizing ingredients. In order to determine which product will help you achieve these goals, you will need to read and understand the label. The label will tell you what specific product is beneficial for your hair condition. You should select products that are specifically design for fine or fly away hair. If they do not have this designation, the product would be of no value.

Hair conditioning agent is also important, and  they should have body building formulas as well. Add a small amount to the hair; this will help you achieve the best results. If you add too much, it makes the hair appear flat due to the extra weight.  Apply the conditioner to the hair shaft for maximum results.

Mousse is another valuable product to treat this type of condition. Applied after shampooing, you will towel dry the hair.  Followed by blow drying with your head in the upside down position, this is an effective method to promote hair lift. The next step is adding mousse evenly throughout the hair with deeper concentration at the hair root. You can style the hair after completion, with great results.

Roller set your hair; this provides body and movement. For the best impact, you should use large rollers because they provide more body.  You can use this method with damp hair or you can use hot rollers, the effect will be the same.

You might want to experiment with various products until you find one that works to your satisfaction. Hairsprays, waxes, and pomades should be used with care because some have the effect of weighing down the hair.

The great thing about this type of hair is the available options. If you are faced with this type of hair experiment, you are bound to find a workable solution.


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