How To Add Weft Hair Using Bonding Glue

Adding wefts of hair using bonding glue creates a great opportunity to temporarily change the look, texture, and length of your hair. Using bonding glue to add hair wefts can be a little intimidating, however it is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, with the right tools and a little time and effort one can add wefts of hair and look incredible in minutes. To make your buying experience easier, it would be best to buy all of the materials that you will need from a local beauty supply store. Make sure that you have the hair extensions, hair bonding glue in either black, white, or clear, a firm comb, and a hair dryer.

Easy Instructions

Hair Prep

First you make sure the hair is as clean as possible by washing the hair thoroughly removing all grease. After washing the hair be sure not to add any conditioners, gels, oils, sprays, or creams. The hair should be completely dry. Then, decide which style you will wear, and then either braid the hair in cornrows or use your own hair to cover the hair wefts by leaving the hair loose.

Choosing the type of hair bonding glue

Bonding glues come in either black, white, or clear. Most prefer using black so that it dries without flaking. Be sure to ask the salesman which type of bond is stronger and choose accordingly. Be sure to test the glue on your skin to make sure there are no sensitivities or irritations.

Step One
Start at the base of your neck and part the hair at the root at least one inch from the base of the neck.

Step Two
Cut the weft of hair to match the entire length of the part.

Step 3
Next place the weft of hair on a flat surface and separate the weft by cutting along the edge of the weft using a razor blade. Be sure not to cut through the weft. This gives a non-bulky, more natural look to the hair.

Step 4
Add bonding glue to match the length of the weft.

Step 5
If you have decided to cornrow the hair, then you will glue each weft of hair in between the cornrows. If using your own hair, then you will simply make a part at the root, place the glued weft of hair on the part, and then cover the hair weft with the next section of your own hair.

Step 6
Once you have placed the hair weft onto the parted section of your own hair, hold the weft of hair in place for 30 seconds. If using a hair dryer, hold the weft in place for 15 seconds for a strong bond.

Step 7
Repeat the steps starting with step 1 until you have accomplished the desired look.


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