How To Afford Trendy Clothes

Clothing prices, as with anything, have been on the rise. Clothing is still a necessity, and looking good an even greater necessity. The trick is how to do look great for less and stay with the current trends in clothing. There are some sure ways to get yourself some trendy clothes for less and make sure that you are not in last season's rags trying to look this season's hip.

  1. First things first. Empty the closet onto the bed. Anything you have not worn and will not wear, send it to Clothes Heaven. Give them to charity; it will free you up to get on to the new stuff. Of the stuff left over, hold on to the classic pieces. Tailored blouses, skirts and blazers make the A grade all the time. Just make sure they are in good shape. Also some of the seasonal items can be held over for the fall and winter crossover.
  2. It is time to spend some money. Five good pieces that are the new and now can be purchased. Where to look? There are stores that are the havens of the bargain knock-offs.  The Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx and the Marshall's of the world are a good place to look for trendy looks for a good price. Be mindful of color combinations and second mile opportunities for pieces that can be layered or used to create other new looks.  One can never have too many of basic tees, jeans and tops. Layering with the new stuff will create a new you.
  3. Now for the new fashion math. A new top that goes over the basic tee and the gently worn but faithful jeans equal a new look for nearly nothing it would have cost to buy an entire outfit. Doing some reconstruction for some items could be done to create style. Lace appliqués can go over any blouse to re-create a look, and the use of new scarves and large oblongs can give new life to old stand-by clothes. New color combinations create new clothes. Consider the chocolate brown with royal purple. And olive green is the new black for fall. Play with proportions with a basic black pair of leggings.
  4. Having a clothing swap party with like-sized friends will also get you some new pieces. Friends coming over to give and get some things will give you a new look and a new attitude.  Bag up the rest and give to charity. Clothes Heaven will remember you.

Lastly, do not neglect the consignment shops and thrift stores. Monday for ninety-nine cents is a steal, no matter how you look at it, and many items still have price tags. One thing is for sure: new fashion is the "you" fashion.


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