How To Apply 1970s Eye Makeup

There were actually two schools of thought in the 1970's when it came to eye makeup. There was "the natural look", where one sought to enhance her features, without looking as if she were trying too hard, then there was the over the top disco look. For the sake of fun, we will concentrate on the latter.

DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! The 1970's eye makeup technique we will discuss was all about the shimmer. The 1970's woman also wanted to make her eyes look as big and sultry as possible. You can get that 1970's look with a few simple steps.

First, gather your tools. No 1970's eye makeup kit would be complete without a silver/white eyeliner pencil, white eye shadow, pale shimmery blue eye shadow, dark smoky blue eye shadow, liquid black eye liner, and lush, spidery false eye lashes.

Next, apply silver/white eye liner to the upper and lower lash lines. This makes the eyes appear bigger. Brush white eye shadow onto lid, and extend all the way up to brow bone. Always start with your light color first, and add layers, blending thoroughly at every step.

Now, think cat's eyes! This is the foundation of the 1970's sultry eye makeup. First, pack lots of that pale, shimmery blue eye shadow into your brush. Press; don't brush it into the lid, covering the full lid, up to the brow bone. You want the color to be as intense as possible.

Next we will add definition. Using a shadow applicator, (the pointed rubber ones are best), load up with your dark blue shadow, shaking off any excess. "Draw" a cat's eye, beginning with the outer, lower lash line, up to the brow bone, stopping inside the outer edge of the brow. Using more of the dark blue, starting at the bridge of the nose, draw from the nose to the crease. Continue to draw dark blue just above the crease until it meets the first line at the outer edge of the brow. Basically, you are going to be outlining the shimmering shadow that covers the lid, in an almond shape, making it stand out. Smudge your lines of dark shadow until completely blended. Fill in the almond "cat's eye" shape on your lid with more shimmering eye makeup.

Apply white eye shadow to the brow bone. Blend each color into the next. Press the pale blue shimmer into the lash line, the inner corner of the eye, and the lower lash line. Line the upper lids with liquid black liner, and finish with long, lush eyelashes.

Now you're ready to hit the disco for a little Saturday Night Fever! I hope you have fun with your groovy 1970's eye makeup.


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