How To Apply a Stocking Cap Weave

One of the easiest ways to put on additional hair is to use a stocking cap weave. Stocking cap weaves are ideal for people who would like to try new hairstyles without changing their original haircut or color. If you are suffering from loss of hair, stocking cap weaves can give you tresses to hide this condition.

Make your own stocking cap weave with the following materials. These can be sourced online or from a beauty supply store.

•    Stocking cap
•    Curved weaving needle
•    Thread
•    Plastic wrap or paper/salon tissue wraps
•    Weave glue
•    Human hair (you can also use synthetic)
•    Scissors
•    Optional: Synthetic hair (additional for braiding)

Here is how to create and put on a stocking cap weave.

  • Choose the color and type of hair you want to use. Curly hair is great with stocking cap weaves because it makes it easy to hide the tracks. But you can also use straight hair.
  • Make sure to wash and dry your own hair first. Your natural hair should be clean since you will be wearing a weave on top of it.
  • Have your hair braided in a beehive style. You can braid your own hair if you know how or have someone else do it for you. Forming your braided hair in a beehive style is best if the stocking cap weave will be sewn into your natural hair. If you have short hair, you can add synthetic hair so you can have a full braid.
  • Wrap your braided hair. Use plastic wrap or the salon tissue wraps. When you use a plastic wrap, the stocking cap has to be removed when you are done. But with salon tissue wraps, you can leave it on. The purpose of this step is to make sure that the glue does not get into your natural hair.
  • Place the stocking cap on your head. It should reach your eyebrows.
  • Measure the base of the weave. Only the base or track is sewn onto your hair to make sure that the stocking cap stays in place. The other tracks will be glued to the stocking cap. Start at the nape. Use a curved weaving needle and thread when you sew the base.
  • Measure, cut and glue the rest of the tracks. Start after the base track going up until you reach the top of your head. Follow a circular pattern when applying the weave. The circle gets smaller as you near the top of your head.
  • Close the weave. Measure about 2 inches of weave. Roll it as tight as possible using your fingers. It should resemble a cinnamon bun. Place a small amount of weave glue on the track part of the weave. Allow it to dry then repeat. Your other option is to sew the last track onto the weave.
  • Glue the rolled track. The track should fit perfectly in the empty area on top of your head. Add a little glue at the center where the rolled weave will go.
  • Wait for the glue to dry. Once you are sure that the glue has dried, separate the rolled weave. No tracks should show.
  • Finally, cut and style the weave according to your taste!

Expect your first stocking cap weave not to be salon-perfect. With a little practice and plenty of imagination, you can create different hairstyles to suit your moods without cutting, coloring or re-styling your own hair.


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