How To Apply a Temporary Waterless Tattoo

Temporary tattoos are fun. Children love to use this to decorate their body with various cartoon characters or art. Most temporary tattoos are water-based. You will need water to transfer the art onto your skin. These tattoos are messy especially for children. Normally, a child will use its own spit if there is no water available. Luckily for parents, there are waterless tattoos being sold on the market that provide convenience and ease in applying art onto your skin. These waterless tattoos stick to your skin by way of the heat generated by your skin. You can purchase these temporary tattoos online or at your local toy store.

  1. A waterless tattoo will only work if the area of your body is clean and dry. Any kind of oil or dirt on your skin can significantly hamper the tattoo transfer. Make sure you wash and dry your skin thoroughly. Clean skin will ensure that the tattoo will last longer as well.
  2. A waterless tattoo has 2 parts. The white sheet that serves as a background and the clear sticker sheet that contains the tattoo art. Carefully separate the clear sticker sheet from the white sheet by using one corner. Make sure you don’t accidentally crumple or touch the art on the sticky side of the clear sheet.
  3. Align and firmly press the clear sticker sheet to your skin. The side with the adhesive should be the one to touch the skin.
  4. You will need to press and cover the waterless tattoo with your hand completely. To effectively transfer the tattoo, you will need to do it for around a minute. If you take it off in less than a minute, you will find that some parts of the tattoo did not stick to your skin.
  5. After a minute, you can peel off the sticker sheet off your skin. Choose one corner and slowly peel it off. You will notice that the art has transferred to your skin.

Tips and Warning 

  • You can use waterless tattoos for various arts and crafts activities. Some organizations even use waterless tattoos for events and marketing promotions.
  • There are many tattoo designs to choose from. Some companies offer customized designs as well.
  • If you want the tattoo to last longer, do not touch or scratch it.
  • You can take off your waterless tattoo by applying baby oil and scrubbing it off.
  • Since waterless tattoos stick through heat, avoid exposing it to sunlight or heat sources as this will destroy the art. Store it in insulated storage boxes if you need to travel with it.

Temporary waterless tattoos are innovative, fun, and sanitary. They are great party favors and can provide marketing and promotions for certain events or programs. It can be easily applied and removed with no mess and no fuss. If you have kids, give them some waterless tattoos and see them have some fun. No need to worry about your kids spitting on their skin just to get a picture of Mickey Mouse on their forearm.


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