How To Apply a Top Coat on Acrylic Nails

Toe and fingernails are just one of the many body parts that can be decorated to serve as an accessory to add beauty to a person's overall appearance. Painting your nails can add color and coordination for your assembled clothing theme. It can project an appearance of cleanliness and sophistication as well. Normally, nails are painted using acrylic polish. Applying a top coat to the acrylic polish is a way to preserve and protect the polish, allowing its color to last longer.

  1. Top coat polish may come in a variety of shades. Usually, it comes in clear colors to enable your layer of acrylic polish to shine through and be displayed. Getting a top coat polish specifically manufactured for acrylic nails is highly recommended but is not necessary. If you want to strengthen or lengthen your nails, there are top coats designed for this as well. You can purchase top coat polish at any beauty supply or drug store.
  2. When applying nail polish, it is ideal to first apply the base coat to serve as the foundation. After that you can apply 2 coats of your chosen colored polish. Let the coats settle and dry. It should take a few minutes. To dry your nails faster, you can use a nail dryer or UV light.
  3. Once the previous coats have dried, you can start to apply the top coat. Starting from the bottom nail, sweep upwards to the tip. Do this in thin layers with light strokes. Remember to dab off any excess polish on the bottle opening. A dripping nail brush is not advisable. It is important to have the same level of thickness in the coating on every area of the nail for uniformity.
  4. Repeat the same process for your other nails. Make sure to remove any smudges along the skin and underneath the nail. If you have some sort of fancy nail art or design, apply 1 or 2 more light coats can provide a glossier shine.
  5. Once you finish, let the polish dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t do anything that can potentially damage your polish while it is drying. Using a nail drying spray can speed up the process and provide a glossier finish.

Tips and Warning

  • If you want your manicure or pedicure to last longer, apply a layer of top coat every other day. To ensure that nails are shiny, regularly clean your nails with a soft towel. Remove any dirt, soap, or lotion buildup.
  • Use long and light strokes when applying a top coat. This will prevent smudging and uneven layers.
  • Make sure your nails are completely dry before doing anything that could damage the polish. Even a slight touch to your wet nails can create a smudge.

Whether you are going for a French manicure or some fancy nail art, applying a top coat can greatly enhance the effect and protect it from harmful elements. This will ensure that your acrylic nail polish will last longer.


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