How To Apply Automatic Eyeliner

Eyeliner is an important tool in any makeup kit. Most women consider it a necessity. Pencils and liquid eyeliners used to be the most common types of eyeliners used. However, these can be very inconvenient and unforgiving. Pencils need sharpening while liquid eyeliners can cause smudging and uneven application. Fortunately, the automatic eyeliner was introduced as an innovation to avoid these problems. It does not need sharpening and avoids smudges and blots.

Here is how to apply automatic eyeliner:

  1. Automatic eyeliners are tools you can twist up similar to a lipstick. To start using it, twist it up until about an inch or two is showing. Make sure not to twist too far as this can increase the chances of it snapping off when applied.
  2. You will need to warm up and make the automatic eyeliner point smoother. New automatic eyeliners will be rough around the edges when opened. Rub the eyeliner on the back of your hand until it is smooth and warm. This will ensure it performs better.
  3. Open eyes brings out the creases and folds of your eyes. When applying automatic eyeliner, or any other eyeliner for that matter, make your eyes are closed. Grab the automatic eyeliner like you would a pen and lightly dot along the line of your eyelash. Make sure to dot any gaps along the line. Follow the same process for the other eye. Remember to dot the automatic eyeliner on both the top and the bottom eyelashes.
  4. When you close the automatic eyeliner, the cap will have a smudger on the top. Use this and lightly smudge the dots you made on your lash lines. This will provide a smoothening effect. Hold it like a pen and rub it gently along the lash lines.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remember to choose the right color or shade of the automatic eyeliner to enhance the features of your eyes. The shade and color should be similar to your eye color. For example, if you have brown eyes, use shades of green or gold.
  • Choose automatic eyeliners that last long if you want the effect to last a whole day. Make sure to touch up every now and then when the eyeliner appears to fade.
  • If you are using the eyeliner during the day, lighten the application to get the best effect. Darken the application in the evening to enhance your eyes much more.
  • Always choose quality automatic eyeliners. Some automatic eyeliner brands come highly recommended by ophthalmologists. Make sure to purchase these brands.
  • It is important to remember to never use your fingers to smoothen and blend the dots on your line lash. Doing this can cause irritation and possible infections to your eyes. Using your fingers will greatly increase the chances of your fingernail scratching your eye.

Automatic eyeliners are fantastic and convenient tools for the woman on the go. It can be used instantly in emergency touch ups and makeovers. Just make sure you follow the pointers to correctly apply it and avoid unnecessary injury or infection to your eyes. Doing it the right way can bring out the fabulous beauty of your eyes and greatly enhance your overall look. 


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