How To Apply Belly Dance Performance Makeup

Getting ready for the show

Whether you are singing, acting, or dancing, performing on stage requires resources to enhance the total image you are presenting to your audience. Proper performance makeup is just as important as the skill you perfect. Just like any other performance artist, a belly dancer will need to apply the correct performance makeup to exude a character of fantasy and mystery. Normally, your daily makeup routine is applying light to medium amounts of makeup along with color matching your eyes and skin tone. Performance belly dance makeup is different, as you will need to apply huge amounts of makeup and products with a combination of light and dark textures.

  1. First thing to do when you are applying performance makeup is to make sure your face is clean and dry. Wash with a facial soap or scrub and thoroughly dry your face. Once completely clean and dry, apply some light moisturizer.
  2. Belly dancing can produce extreme sweat from your pores that can smudge and damage your makeup. To avoid this, apply a liquid primer on your face. Focus on the areas that sweat more. Make sure to include the hairline as well as sweat may trickle from your hair. This will protect any makeup you put on.
  3. Next up, you will need to apply foundation. Use liquid or cream foundation and apply with your finger or sponge. Remember to apply it to the whole face. Like any makeup routine, a good foundation is important. Finish off your foundation with a concealer. Make sure to cover your blemishes and wrinkles. Once completed, top your face off with pressed powder. This will stabilize your foundation and make your face look smooth.
  4. As a belly dancer, you will need to highlight various parts of your face with bright and rosy colors. Start with your cheekbones. Depending on your skin tone, you will want to apply a pink or red blush. If your skin tone is dark, applying a deep red blush will be more appropriate. Brush the blush heavily across the apples of your cheeks. If you are performing on a stage with bright lights, heavy blush is good. You can finish off the blush with a bronzer. Apply it lightly on your forehead, nose and cheeks.
  5. You will definitely want stunning and dark eyes for the performance for that look of fantasy and mystery. Start off by applying eye shadow. Use shades of grey for this. Apply the eye shadow with an eye shadow brush. Sweep it across your eyelid working it toward the nose. Make sure to blend thoroughly.
  6. Use a felt tip liquid eye liner for your upper lash line. Apply it by starting it thick from the outside and thinner going in. When you start at the outside, angle the liner in a way that a thick line will be drawn. After this, do the lower lash line with a pencil liner. Starting dotting it from the inside going out. As you reach the end, flick the pencil up to create a cat-like effect. Remember to use black for your liquid and pencil eyeliners.
  7. The last part to color should be your lips. Finish the belly dance makeup routine with a luscious red lipstick. Apply it thick along your lips. Apply a lip liner before the lipstick to avoid bleeding. Make sure to choose a long lasting lipstick.

Now that your makeup is correctly applied, you can feel confident that the belly dance you will perform will suit how you look. If you feel that the colors you used is not stunning enough, try out different colors as well. Make sure to complement your face with an appropriate costume as well.


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