How To Apply Concealer

Do you have blemishes, dark spots, pimples or any other undesirable spots around your face? Are work, school and social life affected by these unwanted spots? You are not alone in this problem. Millions around the globe suffer the same. You do not have to worry much about this problem because a simple concealer can hide those spots away. You only have to know the proper use of concealers to achieve the effect you want, that is, hiding those unwanted pimples from the public. Concealers will also make your face look flawless and smooth. Below are steps on how to apply concealer.

  1. Where to apply? The first question that would come to everyone’s mind is where to apply concealer. Apply concealer in spots under your eyes and around the nose. These are the areas  is because the said areas are the usual place where unwanted spots usually occur and where uneven tone skin frequently happens.
  2. Look for the proper shade. Before applying concealer, one crucial step is to determine the proper shade that your skin needs. Remember that in using concealers the aim is to hide those unwanted spots as well as to smooth out your skin and make it as flawless as possible. This would not be possible if the shade of the concealer does not look natural on your skin. Use the shade similar to yours or the one closest to your ski. It is best to use concealers lighter than your skin.
  3. Use your finger. In applying concealer, use your finger so that you can accurately apply it to the right spots. 
  4. Apply the concealer in several dots. When applying a concealer, apply it in several dots around the area. Do not saturate one spot.
  5. Do not rub. Now that the concealer is in its proper places, all you need is a final touch. Do the final touch by tapping the concealer all over, and not by rubbing. According to make-up experts this is the best way to apply a concealer.
  6. Final tips. When applying a concealer, put it directly to the blemishes, pimples and dark spots that you wish hide. Always remember to mix it well with your skin. Otherwise, the distribution will be uneven. The effect is that, instead of hiding something it would appear that you are highlighting something. As to the color of the concealer, it is always best to use concealers that are few steps lighter that your actual color, as you can darken it by applying more.

Men and women are both suffering from the problem brought by those pimples, dark spots, blemishes and other undesirable spots in our faces. They are now, more than ever, equally concerned about these unwanted spots. Mere pimples and blemishes should not affect one’s confidence. Actually, this should not be a problem at all because concealers can now be used. It cannot take away those pimples, but at least it can hide them from public as if nothing exists. One can win back his confidence without the need of undergoing any special medical attention—just proper knowledge of its proper usage suffices to win back what you lost.


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