How To Apply Concealer Makeup to Dark Skin

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It may sound weird to hear that dark skin will have “dark” spots. But just like people with fair tones, people with darker tones have facial mark problems, too. They can have pimple marks, scars, blemishes, and uneven tones. Good thing concealers especially made for dark skin are starting to show up in the market. Now, people with dark skin can surely say that black is beautiful and flawless by projecting their perfect beautiful face that is free of pimple scars, dark circles, and scars.

But before that can be possible, you should know first how to properly apply a concealer for dark skin. Improper application will only make your skin appear full of weird patches. So here, follow these steps and hide those unwanted marks on your face with a concealer:

  1. Right color. Choosing the right shade is the very foundation of a good concealer cover up. You cannot just grab any concealer in the market and apply it to some spots in your face. Be aware that for dark skin, it is perfect for you to get a medium shade or a medium dark one with peach, yellow, or red undertones. Take note of your foundation as well because concealers should always be one shade lighter than the foundation’s color for a perfect concealing effect.
  2. Foundation. If you will be using a powder or cream foundation, then you should apply concealer first and jump to the next step. But if you will be using a liquid foundation, then you should put on the concealer after the applying the foundation.
  3. Application. You can use a brush but its better to use your fingers when applying the concealer on. Apply a little concealer, enough to cover unwanted facial spot. You may add more concealer if the spot needs to. But be careful when doing this because applying too thick concealer will become very obvious. Keep the concealer thin and blended with the foundation. Blend the concealer with the foundation by tapping the spots lightly.
  4. Correction. Too thick concealer can be remedied and corrected. Wipe off the excess concealer with a tissue until you achieve the right thinness. It’s important to remedy too thick concealer as soon as you notice it because the longer you wait, the harder it can be removed.
  5. Finishing. Putting on loose powder is a great finishing touch. This will not only improve your makeup but it will insure a good shape for it, too. Loose powder helps in holding the concealer for a longer period. It’s a good way to avoid concealer wrinkling as well.

See? You don’t need to have Snow White’s complexion to be flawless and beautiful. All you have to do is to get rid of those ugly marks, scars, blemishes, and spots that make you unattractive. After perfectly applying a concealer, you can now be more proud to wear your natural skin. People will truly be amazed of how beautiful you are and they might even realize the true meaning of “black is beautiful.”


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