How To Apply Cream Blush

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Want rosy cheeks or to emphasize your beautiful cheekbones? You need to use blush for this—most specifically a cream blush. Applying this on anyone’s face will improve glow and thus, improve the overall aura of a person. If it is applied the wrong way, it can have bad effects such as making you look sun burnt or have rashes. Therefore, it is not only important to cover up a pale face with blush but you should apply it the right way.

Cream blush can give the same effects as the regular powdered blush, but the former needs a different approach for application. Here’s how to properly apply cream blush:

  1. Choose blush on shade. Getting the best effect from a cream blush on starts by choosing the right shade.  You should consider your skin tone for it. For instance, if you have fair skin, coral and pink shades will look best on you. Meanwhile, if you have dark skin, burgundy and wine shades will help you stand out best.
  2. Moisturize. Moisturizing your face is very important in any makeup you will do. But make sure to use only oil-free moisturizer. This will prevent skin dryness and flaking of makeup.
  3. Base. Apply a light foundation on your face or dust your face with a small amount of face powder.
  4. Get a small amount of cream blush with your index finger. Blend it with your thumb until you mixed it well. The heat from your hand and the friction will slightly melt the blush, which will make the blush on application easier.
  5. Where is the apple cheek? You can do this either by smiling or by pulling your cheeks inward your mouth. Carefully apply the cream blush on which part you wish. If you have a nice cheekbone, you can apply that on your cheekbone. Different face shapes will need different blushing on procedure. For instance, round face should have the blush on the cheekbone sides while square face should have the blush on the cheekbones.
  6. Blending. Blend the blush upward-outward. Do this motion until you are satisfied with the blend and the blush.
  7. Add more. In case you are not satisfied with the blush, you can always add more. Don’t overdo this, though, because it’s harder to remedy a too reddish cheek than add more blush to a pale cheek. In case you accidentally applied too much blush on, you can apply a fairly light layer of foundation over where the blush is. Or, a small amount of loose powder can do the same trick. Then, you can reapply a small amount of blush until you get the right blend.
  8. Finishing. Finish the blush application by dusting some powder on it again. This will hold the blush on your cheek, which prevents the cream from sliding. It can also give out a natural effect of the blush on your cheek.
  9. The other cheek. Repeat the same steps for the other cheek. Before you start, make sure you remove excess blush on your finger with a tissue. Make sure also that the blush on intensity for each cheek is equal.

Finally, you can enjoy that rosy glow on your cheeks—thanks to cream blush on.


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