How To Apply Drag Queen Eye Makeup

One of the most important elements of drag is the makeup. Drag queen makeup is not meant to simply flatter the face, but to create new features and new elements in the face that the drag queen may not even actually have. Drag queen makeup is also applied in order to make the eye crease stand out even under harsh stage lights. Here’s how you can apply drag queen eye makeup.

  • Choosing the colors. First of all, you need to choose your colors carefully. The colors that go best with drag queen makeup are very rich and daring colors. If you are going for the color blue, for instance, then you need to find the brightest and most stand out blue color that you can find. Remember, drag is not about subtlety. It is about standing out. Make sure that you have at least two colors that complement each other by contrast. If you have blue in your eye makeup palette, for instance, then you also need to have at least one brown colored or earthy colored eye shadow.
  • Applying the base. The base will be the color that covers the entire eyelid. Imagine your eyelids as the canvass. The base color will be the primer that you put on your eyelids to make it stand out. Most women choose a highlighting color that is several shades lighter than the rest of the eyes. But for drag queen makeup, you should not just have a lighter shade, but a powerful shade. If you are going for green, for instance, choose a solid green color instead of light shades of green. Apply the base with an eye shadow brush, starting from the bottom of the eyes near the eyelashes, all the way to the eye brows.
  • Creating the crease. Once the base color has been applied, the next step is to create the crease. You can do this by starting from the inner brow bone. This is very close to the nose. The initial crease lines should be very light and should be done with feathery strokes, to make it look more natural. As you reach the outer end of the eyes, however, you need to darken and make your strokes even thicker.
  • Lining the lower lid. After you have put on the crease, you will notice that your eye looks divided into two equal portions. At this point, there is no depth yet. To add the depth, you will need to add another color to the lower lid. The lower lid is the part between the crease and the eye lashes. The color should complement the base color that you have used but should be two to three shades darker. This will give the lower lid dimension and make it look more natural.
  • Finishing touches. For the finishing touches, take your eye shadow brush and use it to blend in all of the colors very carefully. Blending is important since it will consolidate the colors and make them look like part of your eye.

Naturally, you will need to apply some eyeliner and some mascara after adding your drag queen eye makeup. The mascara and eyeliner will finish the look and give you drag queen eyes that will stand out anywhere.


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