How To Apply Evening Makeup

Evening makeup needs to appear more sophisticated than your usual day makeup. You’ll surely look pale and undressed for the event if you don’t wear the right evening makeup. So don’t let yourself be out of place. Learn the proper way to put on evening makeup.

  1. Occasion. Considering the occasion is very important when deciding what evening makeup to wear. For instance, if you will wear a stunning evening gown for a formal socialite party, then your makeup should be as sophisticated as possible. It should reveal how beautiful you are so you can stand out from the crowd of people who will wear sophisticated nightgowns, too. But if the occasion is just a simple night out, then you can play with your evening makeup, wearing various colors and even the glittery ones.
  2. Makeup color. Evening makeup is usually achieved with darker colors than the usual day makeup you wear. Avoid unnatural colors, though, as they can emphasize lines on your face and even make you look older than your age.
  3. Cleansing. Prepare your face for a perfect makeover by cleaning it first. You can cleanse, tone, and moisturize for a perfect makeup quality.
  4. Foundation. Even out your face skin tone with a perfect foundation. Make sure that it is applied thoroughly to achieve a smooth and silky complexion. For ugly blemishes and marks, you should use concealer to hide them away.
  5. Cheeks. Evening makeup highlights cheekbones. Use an amber blush as it perfectly catches the evening light. You can also play with the colors depending on your outfit and as well as the occasion.
  6. Eyes. It is important that your eyes look intense and sexy for the evening occasion. Choose dark-colored ones like deep gray, black, or brown as your eye shadow color. These colors will give intense appeal for your eyes. You may also you’re your eye shadow with your gown’s color. Apply eyeliner as well as mascara for more intense eyes.
  7. Lips. It is perfect to get a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick to highlight the contours of your lips. Then apply the lipstick evenly starting at the middle of the bottom lip and brushing it outwards. Same is to be done for the upper lip afterwards. Dab tissue paper on your lips and reapply another layer of lipstick. This is a good technique to ensure a long lasting color on your lips. You can opt for lip gloss and other lip shine products. Bring the lip shiner with you at the party because the shine will fade after some hours.
  8. Glitter. If you want to portray a dazzling image all night long, add some touch of glitter makeup to your eyelids as well as your cheekbones.

With all these techniques, you are on your way to an unforgettable evening. Whatever the occasion is, you can sit in front of the mirror and transform yourself to a glamorous masterpiece. So make it up for the evening occasion and get ready to be the most fabulous woman in the scene.


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