How To Apply Everyday Eye Shadow Like a Pro

There’s no secret to applying everyday eye shadow like a professional makeup artist. It’s not that difficult either. You just need to know the look you want to achieve and make it look more natural. Following the correct technique is also important however you should focus on getting that natural beauty stand out instead. You can master applying everyday eye shadow by following these simple steps.

  • Pick your eye shadow. When choosing the right eye shadow color for your eyes, you must take note of your skin tone and eye color. Eye shadows come in different kinds. There are eye shadows that come in pencil, powder, or cream. You just need to know which you prefer the most. Generally, powder eye shadows are the common choice. Eye shadows also come in frost or matte finish. Frost eye shadows may look shiny as it reflects light. Matte eye shadows on the other hand have smooth finish and it absorbs light as well. If you have puffy eyes, use a matte eye shadow. Using natural colors is the way to go as this brings out the beauty of your eyes. If you have a dark eye color, it is best to use colors such as gray, blue, purple, or greens. Brown and bronze are the ones to use if you have light-colored eyes.
  • Apply your eye shadow like a professional. First step for an everyday look is to set your eye lids using a loose translucent powder with a natural shade and a neutral touch. Dip the brush into the eye shadow color of your choice (preferably light colored eye shadow as base) then softly sweep a light color from your brow to your lashes. This will also highlight your eyes. When applying eye shadow from your lashes to your eye crease, a medium shade should be used. Contouring is also one key to professional eye shadow application. Use a darker shade to put on your eye crease for more depth. In order to get to the crease well, you would need to use either a smaller eye makeup brush or a flat angled brush. Lining your crease is easier and you get better results, too.
  • Mixing eye shadow colors. Another component in putting everyday eye shadow is blending. Use an eye makeup brush and not your fingers as you will sweep the color right off your eyelid. When blending,  use a fluffy eye shadow brush and do it in a circular motion in order to mix the color very well.
  • Finishing touches. Put on either black or brown eyeliner to finish your look. Curl your lashes and apply an even coat of mascara.

Be creative. Once you learned the basics, you can go on and fashion different everyday eye makeup styles with your eye shadow. The trick is to make it look natural and avoid overdoing your eye shadow makeup. The goal here is not to apply eye shadow perfectly but to be an expert in putting it on a daily basis. This way, you’ll be looking like a pro with just your everyday eye shadow on.


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