How To Apply Eye Cream

The eyes are the features on your face that will be most likely noticed by people. Because they are such objects of attention, you may have done a lot just to highlight your own pretty pair from putting on mascara to eyeliners. However, all these will have been for naught if you do not make it a point to take care of the skin surrounding the eyes. These are very sensitive skin areas, and neglecting them can diminish your eye's natural beauty. You need to apply eye cream regularly. Here is how it should be done.

  1. Get a small amount from the eye cream container. If you wish to make sure how much, just take some with you finger with the size of a pencil eraser. Aside from your finger, you may also use an eye makeup applicator or a cotton swab.
  2. From whatever it is you used in getting the eye cream from the container, transfer a little of it to your ring finger, if not, the applicator. You can transfer it to any of the fingers, but the ring finger is ideal. This is because it is the least used among the fingers. Therefore, it should have the smoothest skin too, making it perfect for rubbing on your skin without much friction. It can also provide the least pressure on your eye skin.
  3. Begin to apply it by gently patting on the eye area using your finger. You should start near the lower eyelids, and then proceed near the tear duct. Afterwards, continue to do this around your entire eye including part above and outside of it. Give special attention to that area where there are lines drawn by aging, called crow’s feet. Follow its entire length.
  4. You have only put the eye cream on the entire area it should cover but you have not ensured yet that it is applied evenly. Continue to pat the area using your ring finger. Do this until you think that you have evenly applied the cream and that the skin has absorbed it.
  5. Do not leave any skin area around your eyes, which is uncovered. You should know that eye creams have other purposes too other than making the skin around the eyes smooth and soft. This also provides a suitable surface to cover for your concealer, eye shadow, or foundation.

Before all these steps can be done, you should buy only the best eye cream that suits your skin. Otherwise, all these efforts at applying it on your skin will be for nothing if the brand you are using is inferior. For this matter, it is not advisable to pick an eye cream from supermarket shelf as soon as you see it. Use your wisdom as a consumer and read the labels first. However, the best thing to do is to consult a dermatologist first and find out what she would recommend.


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