How To Apply Eye Moisturizer

If you have ever walked through the cosmetic shelves in a boutique or in a health shop, you will have probably noticed that there are a lot of items that are dedicated to helping the eyes become less red, more relaxed, and hydrated. Eye moisturizers are one of the most important tools to help keep your eyes looking bright and young. Here’s how you can apply eye moisturizer.

  • Understanding the eyes. First of all, you should know that the eye area is one of the most sensitive patches of skin in the entire body. All it takes is a night of partying for your eyes to look blotchy. In fact, just a little sleeplessness can already make your eyes look haggard and blotchy. Because of this, it is important that you always moisturize your eyes.
  • Choosing eye moisturizer. When choosing eye moisturizer, make sure that you choose a product that is hypoallergenic. A lot of people still do not understand what hypoallergenic means. Generally, this means that the product will not irritate your skin and will not cause plugs to develop on the pores of your skin. Because the eye area is very sensitive, it is important that you only use hypoallergenic products for the eye area. Also choose unscented organic products, if possible.
  • Applying the moisturizer. To apply the moisturizer, you only need several drops of the moisturizer on your fingertips. Remember, you are going to apply the eye moisturizer on a very small portion of skin, which is why you do not need to much. Applying too much eye moisturizer does not mean that the skin on the eye area will absorb all of it. It just means that you will be wasting the precious eye moisturizer. With a little bit of eye moisturizer, dab it on the eye bags on the bottom of the eyes, and on the eyelids. Also add some near the sides of the eyes, where the crow’s feet usually develop.
  • Massaging the eye area. Once the eye moisturizer has been applied, the next step is to massage the entire area. Massaging the eye area is a delicate procedure, since you do not want to distend the skin in this part of the body. The skin here is very fragile, and you should apply very little pressure. You only need to apply enough pressure to help the skin absorb the eye moisturizer, but not so much pressure that the skin will sag.
  • Relaxing the eyes. Finally, you should also complement the powers of the eye moisturizer with other ways to relax and nourish the eyes. There are plenty of eye exercises that you can perform. For example, you can give your eyes a break by slowly moving your eyes from left to right, and then from top to bottom.  Using chilled cucumbers over the eyes for twenty minutes is also still one of the oldest but one of the most effective techniques that can help minimize eye strain and damage to the skin around the eyes.

For pretty and youthful looking eyes, use some eye moisturizer. These steps should help you do just that.


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