How To Apply Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

Having smokey eyes

Hazel eyes are one of the prettiest colors for eyes. One of the reasons why hazel eyes are so popular is because it goes well with so many colors, and looks so far from the ordinary. Hazel eyes, however, can be challenging when it comes to choosing the correct eye shadow to use. Here’s how you can apply eye shadow for hazel eyes.

  • Dominant color. First of all, you need to determine the dominant color in the eyes. Hazel eyes are not actually composed of only color. Instead, there are usually a number of colors such as green, a bit of purple, and some brown and black. Because of this, each pair of hazel eye is very different from another. When determining what eye shadow color to apply, you will need to make sure that you choose according to the dominant color in the eyes. If the dominant color is green, for example, then you should choose a green eye shadow as the main color to use for the eyes.
  • Color palette. Avoid buying eye shadow that comes only in one color. As much as possible, you should buy palettes that come with three to four shades of different colors .the best thing about color palettes is that you will be able to save up on money, instead of buying each color individually. You must, however, be patient when choosing palettes. You need to make sure that each color in the palette will be useful for you. Usually, a palette that goes well with hazel eyes will have green, gold, purples, peaches, and browns.
  • Highlights. Take the eye shadow brush or a cotton swab and use it to apply the lightest color in the palette. The lightest color will act as the primer and should cover the entire eyelids, starting from the point where the eye lashes end to the point where the eyebrows begin. The primer should be the lightest color because it will also act as the highlighting color the eyes.
  • Creasing. To add an eye shadow crease, you will need to take the darkest color in the eye shadow palette and use it to create a line that follows the natural crease of your eyes. The natural crease is the part of the eyelids that folds when you open your eyes. Draw a thin line over this.
  • Medium shade. Next, choose a medium shade and use it to cover the area below the crease to the eyelashes. The medium shade should be a bit darker than the primer color that you have used, but much lighter than the crease color.
  • Blending. After you have added in all of the colors for the eyelashes, the final step is to blend the colors together. You can easily do this by using your fingers to combine the colors. You can also use the eye shadow brush to combine the colors together.

With these steps, you should be able to add eye shadow for hazel eyes. If you have a color palette, you can experiment with different color combinations until you come up with the combination that works best for your eyes.


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