How To Apply Eye Shadow Like a Model

Do you want your eyes to pop like models’ eyes do?  Don’t fret, because learning how to apply eye shadow like a model is easy. Usually models just pick these ideas up from professional makeup artists and can be whipped up in just 5 minutes tops. You just need the right amount of time and patience and you’ll be able to apply this in your everyday routine. Learn how to apply eye shadow like a model with these quick and easy makeup guidelines.

  • Set up the makeup materials. You will need the following items:  eye shadow brush, eye shadow applicator, light eye shadow (cream or white), medium brown eye shadow, and dark brown eye shadow, pencil sharpener, black or brown eyeliner, eyelash curler, and black mascara.
  • Go for your choice of eye shadow shade. Choose a bold and exciting color for your eye shadow. Electric blue, lime green and purple do the trick. For the eyeliner, pick the one that is darker than your eye shadow tone. This will draw out the model look on your eyes.
  • Eye shadow application. Start off with applying a cream-colored or white eye shadow base. Do this using an eye shadow brush to cover the whole lid and then apply a light shade of brown not going past your eye crease. Now dab a bit of purple eye shadow on your eye lids making sure you apply it twice for a fuller look. To give more bang to your eyes, go for either a brown or black eyeliner depending on your skin tone. Again the key here is to apply two coats or more as necessary to give that popping out look for your eyes. You can never use too much purple eye shadow so suggest you apply it twice. To add more emphasis to your eyes, use a shimmer and just pat it over where you applied your eye shadow just be careful not to overdo it so as not cover the two coats.
  • Finishing touches for a model look. To finish off your look, swipe one coat of the purple eye liner on the line right above your lashes and do the same on your lower lash line. Brush a little shimmer preferably a dark pink color on the corners of your eyes. Apply mascara on your curled lashes to complete the look.

Be like one of the top models. Keep in mind the secret to looking like a model by just applying eye shadow is to just keep doing it every day. Practice makes perfect. Now you already learned the basics to this technique. Remember to keep applying the right amount of eye shadow, keep doing the right strokes, and add shimmer. That’s it! You will never go wrong.

Start making it a habit. Don’t stop until you get the hang of it. Apply eye shadow whenever you go out. Guaranteed you will not only look sophisticated and elegant, but you will look like a professional model, too!


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