How To Apply Eyelash Extensions

Girl getting eyelash extensions

Applying eyelash extensions is a wonderful way to enhance your eye’s natural beauty.  The advantage to applying eyelash extensions is that it is an easy and noninvasive procedure that gets instant results.  You can choose to have your eyelash extensions done by a professional, or do so yourself.  While applying eyelash extensions can be done on your own, there are a few important steps you should take to ensure that it is done correctly.

First, familiarize yourself with how to apply eyelash extensions by reading an instructional article or watching a DVD.  If you think you will be applying eyelash extensions on a regular basis, you can enroll in a class that is designed for cosmetology students.  Here, you will learn useful tips on applying eyelash extensions.

Next, purchase an eyelash extension kit either online or from a local beauty store.  Eyelash extensions can be purchased in two types of material.  The first type of material is made from real human hair.  This gives the eyelashes a true look and feel, while blending in with your natural eyelashes.  While these eyelash extensions will prove to look the most natural and believable, they are also more expensive and can be purchased from limited companies.

The second type of material used in eyelash extensions is made from synthetic materials.  These materials are designed to look like human hair and range in price, depending on the quality of the materials.  When choosing to apply your own eyelash extensions, be sure to choose a product that is middle-of-the-road or higher, as lower-end products will be stiff and appear fake when applied.

When purchasing an eyelash extension kit, the contents inside should include the eyelash extensions, adhesive glue and instructions.  While it’s relatively easy to apply these eyelash extensions, you need to do so carefully in order to achieve the desired look.

Begin by curling your eyelashes using an eyelash curler.  Next, trim your eyelash extensions so that they are the desired length.  If you don’t want to trim them down, make sure they are even in length.  Using a set of tweezers, dip your fake eyelashes into a bit of glue.  About 3 small dabs of glue should be sufficient, as you don’t want to make the eyelashes appear clumpy.

You are now ready to attach the eyelash extensions onto your real eyelashes.  Tilt your head and start by placing the extensions on the corner of your upper lid.  You will do this until you reach the inner corner of your eye.  Make sure that you hold each eyelash in place for 10 seconds.  Do this for the second eye and voila!, you have successfully applied eyelash extensions.

Finish off the look by applying mascara and eyeliner.  Be sure to care for your extensions properly, as most are designed to be worn short-term.


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